Class – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

In the present, Koel is being questioned in Class episode 7. Sharan is with her too, quite surprisingly it must be said. She partly blames Suhani for what happened to her and also questions her association with the slum brothers. Suhani goes to the doctor for an abortion. It can happen without surgery and Suhani asks her not to reveal the pregnancy to her parents. She takes the pills and meanwhile, we see Neeraj talking to a friend in Kasol. He plans to abscond once he gets the money from Karla. He tells the same to Suhani. When she gets upset, Neeraj asks if she wants to come with and she agrees.

He goes next to the computer guy he had given the phone to. The man says it’ll take time to crack the blockchain security but shows Neeraj various folders and information about the addresses of offshore shell companies. Neeraj ups his asking price but this time, Tarun’s wife traces the call. She gets the location of Gaffar Market. Suraj calls Veer from the jail and asks him to go to a location to pick up cash. Since all of their accounts are getting frozen, it is an urgent matter. The money will be used to bribe cops and erase the evidence. Suhani tries to explain to Dheeraj why she chose to be with Neeraj.

She felt sane for the first time in her life when she was with him but Dheeraj makes it clear that he cannot be available for emotional leaning to Suhani. She has chosen Neeraj and must be with him. Yashika calls Veer, who has gone up to pick up the cash. She informs him that her father has stopped sending her money and that he selling their house in Delhi. Without it, she will have a lot of problems and asks Veer to request Suraj to push her name for the Hampton Gold.

He gets extremely angry and breaks up with her over the phone. Veer meets with Mr Chaddha for the money. Koel seed Veer walknij with the money. Tarun appreciates his help and says he will handle the case. When Veer leaves, Tarun concedes to Yamini that he will not use it to bail out Suraj but instead, invest it in the right place. Veer meets Saba to discuss his feelings. He says he is a better person when she is with him. And that Saba is the only one who has tried to make him a better person. Saba admits she likes this part of Veer – understanding, polite, courteous – but cannot ignore the other part. He tries hard to convince her but Saba says everything depends on Veer himself.

Faruq calls Dhruv using Saba’s phone. He informs Dhruv about his marriage, which has been fixed by Faruq’s father. He will be leaving India once it happens. Dhruv tries to dissuade him but there is nothing he can do. He confesses his love for Faruq but gets no response from the other side. Dhruv’s father almost breaks down the door. He keeps pounding as Dhruv is on the phone. But when he puts it down, Dhruv confronts his father face-on.

The State Federation guys are coming to take his assessment that day but Dhruv says he hates swimming and will no longer allow his father to control Dhruv’s life. Dhruv also admits his homosexuality but his father cannot take it anymore. Vandana breaks it up and tries to talk to Dhruv calmly. But she has the same attitude. She cannot accept her son’s reality and paints his feelings toward boys as hormonal changes and the fact that he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Koel asks Balli to spy on Dheeraj. Sharan is standing just outside her house and angrily moves toward her. She insults him and sends him off the property. There’s nothing he can do. Sharan goes to Balli’s house. At first, it seems he has come to fight. But he starts kissing Balli who kisses back. It is possible even Balli might have felt something that day. Dheeraj admonishes his brother for stealing from him the first girl he ever fell in love with. The financial condition of the Ahuja family has deteriorated.

Veer learns from Suhani that she has become pregnant with Neeraj’s child and goes with Sharan to his house. He has a gun and does not pay heed to Sharan, who asks him to be careful. Aryan and Dhruv come with them too. They corner him and start hearing Neeraj with bats. Neeraj’s group is also informed and they begin fighting with them. The nearby shop owners call the police. A helpless Neeraj sees Dheeraj and asks for his help. But still angry over what he did, Dheeraj walks away. Veer’s boys are outnumbered and ruthlessly beaten. The fight stops when the police get there. Saba catches a glimpse of a bloodied Veer and it seems that his hopes of being with her are all over.

In the present, Bindra asks Dheeraj to sign the confession. Dheeraj says he saw Neeraj running from the spot where Suhani was killed.

The Episode Review

Suhani’s character has been terribly handled. Some of the choices she ended up making and how she tried to make amends could never entice viewers to become sympathetic. As the story comes to an end, the attention of the narrators seems to be veering off the path. The decisions are made on the fly because of how inefficiently the new developments are integrated into the storytelling.

Managing such a huge ensemble and so many story threads is difficult. But having demonstrated they could do it well further spoils the impression of watching how poorly it is done in episode 7. The coming-of-age angle for Veer, Saba, Dhruv and the others in this episode only seemed partially coherent. All of a sudden, the rich have become powerless. Their finances are troubled. It seems too convenient given how the tides have turned.

Class now seems to heading in an unfamiliar direction. With just one episode to go, it is difficult to see how the creators can redeem the story.

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