Class – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Suhani’s piano lessons are interrupted by the news that Suraj has been arrested as Class episode 6 begins. The peon, Ramlal Yadav, gave his testimony in the case against Suraj and Chowdhary. Suraj is also implicated by the media in a high-class escort racket. Tarun seems to think that the girls brought to the house stole the phones. He gives an ultimatum to the pimp to get the phones in a day, or else he would not return home to his family. While en route to visit his father, Veer gets cold feet and calls Saba for moral support. She calms him down but does not say anything when he asks to call back later.

For Veer, his father is his hero, and through that lens, he accepts Suraj’s diktat on the allegations. Tarun is stressed about the possibility of going to jail. He mentions to his wife that the Taurus phone, with all the data, is gone. Ashrit, Suhani’s regular dealer, is out of pills. Instead, she goes to Faruq. Saba confronts Faruq about selling drugs on the school ground.
When Suhani doesn’t respond to Vandana, the principal gets suspicious. She chases Suhani into the locker room and asks security to empty her bag. She finds the drugs in it.

Vandana asks about the dealer but Suhani does not know his name. Vandana opens Suhani’s phone and she is forced into giving up Faruq’s name. Saba is given a warning by Vandana. In the present day, the police question Saba. She was pissed at her for giving up the name. Saba also mentions that one of Suhani’s friends might have done the deed.

Veer gives Suraj a sim card on his instructions. In a really interesting scene, we see Veer come back to the house and get extremely angry at Yashika. Her attempts to comfort him are seen as a part of the larger play of being the “perfect daughter-in-law” by Veer. The interesting part comes later when we see a crying Yashika transition into a perfect smiling subject for her Instagram followers. It almost seems as if she gets off doing this kind of pretend play for other people and is super unhappy when she is by herself living in the real world. Suraj calls Saba in a drunken state but she cannot stay on for a long time on the phone. He faces the guilt of “becoming a criminal” all alone.

The next day, Saba, Faruq, and their father are called to the school. Vandana reveals that the CCTV caught everything. Saba and Faruq were seen together. Vandana implicates Saba in helping Faruq distribute the drugs. Their father gets extremely upset over the issue. He slaps Faruq repeatedly in front of everyone and vows never to send Saba to that school. Koel feels inadequate because of what happened in Rosewood when Sharan masturbated while looking at a naked Balli.

She tells this to Yashika, who is shocked. Even though Koel swears her to secrecy, Yashika informs her friends on group chat right in the moment. Sharan and Koel fight when she brings up the Rosewood incident. She outs him on the group chat as a homosexual. Dheeraj and Neeraj take an unconscious Suhani to the doctors, where the latter sees how much Dheeraj cares about her. He informs the brothers that Suhani is pregnant. Neeraj learns of the encrypted data when he goes to sell the phones. Dheeraj is fed up with Neeraj’s lies and abandons him in his mess.

Neeraj calls Tarun with a burner phone and asks him for 25 lacs. Sharan angrily confronts Koel about leaking the information in the chatroom. He says he agreed to invite Balli into their relationship for her sake but she stabbed him in the back. Dheeraj angrily hits Neeraj for sleeping with Suhani but the big brother explains to him that such things happen in life. He has to accept it.

Koel finally learns about the theft of the phones. Her mother asks Koel to be prepared for Tarun to possibly go to jail. The memory of that day of the party suddenly dawns on Koel. She believes that Suhani is involved. She confronts her about it and is of the opinion that Suraj got the phones stolen for the Taurus phone data. This shows that Koel too had a strong motive to kill Suhani, along with the revelation earlier that Saba might also have had Suhani in her sight.

The Episode Review

The highlight for me in this episode was the moment with Yashika. Ayesha Kanga gave her best moment in the series yet and we truly could feel some empathy towards the character. Until now, she was probably the only one in the ensemble who was squarely evil in our eyes. That moment in Veer’s bathroom humanized her beyond the threshold and reminded one of the themes explored in films like Ingrid Goes West or Not Okay.

Everyone seems to be turning on everyone else. The group that looked so close, in the beginning, has fallen apart. Each night of partying and revelling has crept the story closer to this condition. Emotions have flared and given that we are dealing with volatile teenagers, everything happens at a frenetic pace. The investigation in the present day seems somewhat underutilized.

As of now, it is only acting as a facilitator. We would have loved to see that timeline dictate the terms a bit more. It would have definitely made the subject material more compelling. A pivotal conceit now remains the Taurus phone and how Suhan’s pregnancy will be dealt with.

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