City Hunter (2024) Ending Explained – what’s a mokkori chance?

City Hunter (2024) Plot Summary

Today Japanese live-action comedy crime movie, City Hunter, drops with a shot, streaming worldwide on Netflix. Based on the wildly popular manga series created by Tsukasa Hojo, City Hunter features Ryo Saeba, an unflappable, foolish and flirtatious private detective who likes the ladies. He and his partner, Hideyuki Makimura manage their crime ‘sweeper’ business, City Hunter, on the down low – only contactable through a blackboard at a Tokyo train station. When his partner is killed, Saeba becomes responsible for Hideyuki’s tomboy younger sister, Kaori, who works with him to investigate the murder.

Why does Saeba try to avoid Kaori?

Saeba promises his partner Makimura that he’ll look after his sister Kaori. But to Saeba, keeping her out of his world, is looking out for her. She’ll be much safer at home.

Does Saeba solve the case?

Not fully. Even though he finds out what they’re doing he never gets to the bottom of who is part of ‘The Union.’ Nor does he get a clear answer on why. Which means there’s room for this story to grow.

What’s The Union?

From this movie, there’s not a clear explanation of what or who is part of The Union – just that it’s an international organization that’s secretly experimenting with enhancing drugs via front corporations.

What happens to Kaori?

In a final scene, she’s cleaning Saeba’s office, which is also his house, planning to move in and make herself a partner. Saeba is upset that she’s throwing out his porn, but he doesn’t throw her out.

What’s a mokkori chance?

Uummm, well… it’s a euphemism. For a chance to get jiggy– know what I mean? In short, it’s all Saeba thinks about (when he’s not actively on a case). In a story in The Japan Times, according to Ryohei Suzuki (who plays Saeba and is a fan of the original), they used the manga term as, “We felt it is tolerable, given Saeba doesn’t always use the word sexually but almost randomly. It is, after all, his identity.” Got it?


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