Citizens – I Can’t Find The Edges Of You | Album Review

Track Listing

Everything And More
Good Ground
Here  I Am
When We Pray
A Thousand Shores
Hide No More
Love Light
To Know You
Greater Than


Intelligent song-craft is shown here on I Can’t Find The Edges Of You as well as lyrics that delve deeply into the state of life. The world nowadays doesn’t beam brightly, it’s darker, and it has this grey coating, a lining that will take years to break.

Citizens is a band that has created a record of purpose, one that properly assesses the human condition, and the words spread here, are inventive and correctly put together, giving the listener an insight into the band’s workings.

Soft at moments, the record carries some hope, though it can be backed against the wall at times. The vocal work is stellar and the instrumentals really are monumental, pushing the guitar sounds and the dash of percussion to the limits. The band have certainly worked on their craft here too, and they’ve audaciously produced magic.

Citizens have also built a record that is atmospheric, and one boasting 11 songs, which starts off with ‘Imagination’. This record has subtle edges, and the vocals explain impactful thoughts and the desire for dreams. Lyrically, this song is creative.

‘Here I Am’ builds on brilliant vocal work and lyrics which are poetic. The band is in their element here, describing a light that isn’t theirs. The song has no rough edges, as it’s a portrayal of love that is seamless. It begins to rise too, as the music becomes louder.

‘Hide No More’ begins slowly, with no sudden surge. It’s all about the vocal work and the poignant lyrics. The chorus is infectious, and the song rises up eventually, invigorating the senses.

‘To Know You’ serves as the penultimate track and again, it isn’t all that intense. It begins with burgeoning vocals and a well-rounded riff, and the story keeps on giving.

Citizens have designed a record which dazzles with its honesty and creativity, making I Can’t Find The Edges Of You worthy of a listen.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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