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A Thousand Shores
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Everything and More


Comprised of love songs and melancholy, A Thousand Shores by Citizens is a bittersweet EP, and it’s a musical adventure for the fans to take.

Lyrically cohesive and beautifully designed, this collection of 5 songs isn’t particularly bombastic, but it is sincere in every department.

The vocals interweave and become joined to the guitar sound that is ever so apparent and blood pumping. These sounds are inspiring too, and they have the impact to connect us and to place us in a majestic chronicle.

The EP begins softly and then becomes louder as it goes along. Not raucous in any way, though, it builds up into a blissful, story driven epic.

This is the sound of musicians trying to see the world through brand new eyes, while the world seems to be turning into a frightening place. And they play their hearts out for hope, and they do not disengage from their art at any time. Instead, they place their all into what they’ve created and that’s 5 songs, complete in their execution.

This compendium starts slowly with ‘A Thousand Shores’. The vocals come in sweet waves, and the acoustics sound fresh. It’s astounding lyrically too; love has a place here.

‘Lovelight’ manages to lift the record, but this sound doesn’t impair the EP, instead elevating it with evocative lyrics. Magic is explored, and hope has the tools to grow.

‘Everything And More’ begins with lyrics that tell tales of sorrow and expanding love. The vocals are soft, while the sound grows, and the chorus bubbles with energy.

Ultimately, Citizens take all their talent and infuses it into a EP that is full of striking wordplay and musical energy. It‘s a triumph.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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