Citadel – Season 1 Episode 4 “Tell Her Everything” Recap & Review


Tell Her Everything

Episode 4 begins in Morocco at the Manticore Black Site, where Mason and Nadia sneak their way in. They take out all the people inside, with Nadia taking the lead in the fighting. They find Carter Spence in a cell but the twist is that he accuses Mason of being the reason all this is happening.

A flashback to Paris, ten years ago, shows Mason and Nadia chatting after their night together. Mason finds out he’s not the only person she’s come to Paris with but he claims to be able to see through her masks now. Nadia says she’s bringing a new Tier 1 to the team – Celeste Graham, a woman Nadia claims to trust since she saved her life.

At the Citadel headquarters, Mason meets Celeste who turns out to be none other than Abby. They discuss whether to send Celeste on a case dealing with the Silje brothers. Anders, apparently, is creating something called an Oz Key which could take over an entire country’s infrastructure. And Celeste is to go undercover and stop him. Mason and Nadia give her tips on going undercover.

She goes to Amsterdam as Brielle and meets Anders. As per Mason’s instructions, she believes her own lies to make the deception complete. Her mission is to get all the intel on the Oz Key. Mason keeps checking in every week with her to keep her tethered to reality.

In London, Nadia and Mason celebrate together after learning about one of the Silje brothers’ contacts.

Then all of a sudden, it’s been three months that Celeste has been dark with no contact. To top that, Mason found out Celeste’s twin brother is a gambler and in a lot of debt. And the Oz Key would bring Celeste more than enough money. He doesn’t trust her and decides to send in an ops team.

Meanwhile, Celeste swaps the Oz Key with a fake one but Davik sees her. He confronts her and they fight just as the ops team comes in.

A staff member gives Mason an update — Celeste is alive, Anders is caught and Davik isn’t to be found. Nor is the Oz Key. Mason exchanges cryptic texts with someone.

Celeste and Anders are brought in. Mason interrogates Celeste but doesn’t let Nadia in on it. The questioning doesn’t go well. Celeste says she put the Oz Key in her bag but it turns out to not be the real thing. She says she left Davik in the basement but he wasn’t there. Mason threatens her brother’s life to find out if she sold the Oz Key but is stopped midway by Nadia.

Outside, Nadia and Mason argue. Nadia believes Celeste wholeheartedly and pushes to move her to a safe house, safe from Davik, for the meantime. After she leaves to interrogate Anders, Mason urges Grace and Carter to backstop Celeste as the best way of protecting Citadel. He says they can do it off-site so no one, not even Nadia, knows. And if she’s innocent, they can just give her memories back. Grace agrees.

They then feed Celeste a fake story about putting her through a procedure to change her cornea and fingertips, to stop Davik from being able to find her. She agrees to go with them.

Grace lies to Nadia and tells her that Celeste was sent to a safe house.

Meanwhile, Mason finds a house for Celeste’s new life. Later, he tells Bernard to destroy Celeste’s original memories. Bernard warns Mason that if he does this and he’s wrong, he can’t come back from it.

At the Backstop facility in  Mexico City, Celeste is sedated.

Nadia thanks Mason for having her and Celeste’s back.

Afterwards, Mason and Carter discuss that there are no leads on the Oz Key. Carter reveals that as the person who is in charge of all communication in Citadel, he found out that a Tier One agent sent the chief of the ops team a cloaked order to hide the Oz Key and bring it to them personally. That order was from Nadia. This doesn’t seem news to Mason who, Carter claims, put suspicion on Celeste to take it away from the woman he loves.

Back in the present, turns out Carter isn’t accusing Mason. He’s accusing Nadia.

The Episode Review

This episode of Citadel spends most of its time in a flashback but it’s not a very justified use of time. While it’s interesting to see Abby as Celeste and understand her role in Citadel, the overall story just circles back to the suspicion on Nadia. So there isn’t a lot of forward movement and the undercover mission itself is pretty standard. There’s nothing new to lap up and the little of Mason and Nadia’s relationship that we see isn’t enough to spark more interest.

So far, this is an episode where Citadel’s average plot becomes quite overbearing. It’s most obvious when the characters discuss the Oz Key. Clearly the makers wanted this to come across as an ominous piece of tech that could have countries fall like dominos, but its grandeur (and the oversimplified technology) is ultimately what makes it feel so fake. This episode has no sign of romance (although we do learn that it is love that’s driving Mason), no particularly thrilling action, no intriguing missions (again, oz key?!), and most importantly, barely any Stanley Tucci.

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