Cinderellas of Midsummer – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 11

Cinderellas of Midsummer Episode 11 rushes us back to the street where Takumi successfully pushes Natsumi out of the way of an oncoming car, but he himself is hit. The next day, he wakes in the hospital with Natsumi by his side. While she apologises, he’s certain he’ll heal soon.

Not able to reach her by phone, Kento visits Natsumi at the café to be sure nothing has happened. At the hospital, Takumi shares that the doctor said he will walk but may not be able to continue as a carpenter. Nearly in tears, he asks Natsumi to stay with him for now and of course, she agrees. Kento hears from the hall and returns to the café to wait.

Natsumi breaks up with Kento, partly because she feels she’s ruined Takumi’s future and because it was just a summer romance anyway. Kento questions it once but then accepts her request.

At the hospital, a senior recommends Hayakawa for transfer to a smaller town that doesn’t have enough good doctors. Meanwhile, Risa asks Haruki how he feels about Hayakawa. Later, Haruki tells his parents he’s happy with how they are now, separate but not fighting anymore.

At his apartment, Osamu consoles Mamoru in his epic fail to attract Ari. Osamu says he too is unfocused and there were tears – although he says he didn’t cry. Friends first, Mamoru convinces Osamu to have another try with Ari.

Preparing for a meeting, Sakuri mentions that she may have said something she ought not to, to Natsumi. But Kento confirms it doesn’t matter anymore, as they’ve broken up. While Natsumi visits Takumi, he brings up Kento and is surprised to hear they split. She convinces him it’s nothing to do with him, making excuses.

In a bid to reconnect with her, Osamu meets Ari, congratulating her on passing her test and also asking for a second chance. She can’t help but grant it, giving him a little kiss and loving his reaction.

At home, Hayakawa thinks hard about his future and is completely surprised when Risa shows up at his door. She says Haruki hasn’t accepted things yet but the conversation takes a turn when he states he’s decided to take a transfer and leave. Wanting to help where he’s most needed, he asks her to follow him later and proposes marriage.

In tears, although she wants to stay with him, she doesn’t want to remove Haruki from his family there. She asks if they can visit later to which he agrees.

The guys meet at Kento’s beach house, surprised to hear he and Natsumi broke up. They – especially the newly emotive Osamu – convince him to not give up. At the hospital, Takumi does the same, wanting to see Natsumi happy. A problem at work tests Kento’s mettle so when his father offers praise, he takes the opportunity to stand up for his love. With his father’s blessing in hand, he dashes out to find Natsumi.

Meanwhile, she’s already arrived in Tokyo with the same idea. They wrap up on a happy note. Mamoru passes his test and Risa is shortly off to help Hayakawa pack, noting it’s not quite the end. The girls cheer for each other before Natsumi and Kento walk hand-in-hand along the beach.

The Episode Review

The ‘giver’ Natsumi is so close to losing her love to do what she perceives as the right thing. Luckily, Takumi cares more for her than himself, removing himself from the picture so she can focus on her heart. And convenient too that Kento didn’t give up either.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen this idea of people taking care of someone else’s feelings, a subtle move that comes up regularly in Japanese content. I often wonder whether such concepts are ideals drama writers are aiming to push into society (this is how we should be) or if it’s an illustration of how people think.

Ren Meguro of Japanese drama silent touched on it in his interview a few months back as did Taisuke Fujigaya of Unexpected – Love in Maison Ginseiso in his interview.

Cinderellas of Midsummer Episode 11 takes the time to gather up all the loose ends and give everyone something positive, even if it’s not the end each character would prefer. Notably, everyone seems to be taking care of someone’s feelings, some of the more obvious include Ari and Mamoru for Osamu; Takumi for Natsumi; Sakuri for Kento.

It helps generate a truly happy ending without having to create villains or put someone in the wrong. People are happy because their important people are happy. And that’s enough. Would it be enough for you?

Finally, our romances are resolved. Are you satisfied? Let us know in the comments below. 

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