Cinderellas of Midsummer – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

Cinderellas of Midsummer Episode 9 takes us to the café where Natsumi’s dad awards her a summer break of her own. Since things have died down at the cafe, it’s time for her to do as she wishes. She discusses options with Takumi.

At the office, Sakuri asks Kento what he does with his free time – spend it with Natsumi? He notes she’s often busy so Sakuri invites him to dinner but then retracts it when he looks surprised.

During girl night, Ari notes she isn’t so sure about speaking to Osamu every day – it’s too weird. On the other side, Mamoru coaches Osamu on relationship management, but he doesn’t really get it. She, on the other hand, is ready to take a break.

At the café, while Risa, Haruki and her ex are having lunch, Hayakawa stops in for a break with colleagues. Haruki asks him to join them, leaving Risa looking uncomfortable and the ex a tad suspicious at their closeness. Hayakawa delicately declines until next time, rejoining his mates.

When they have a moment alone, Risa’a ex asks about Hayakawa, noting she always keeps her feelings to herself, pleasing everyone else. She admits she has feelings for Hayakawa but that she won’t act on them, focusing on being a mom instead.

Not able to acquire tickets to a concert for Natsumi, Takumi gets Kento’s number from Kaito to see if he can help. Sakuri has a line and calls Natsumi directly to organize an outing for the four of them. On their way to the concert in Tokyo, Takumi acts like he isn’t that generous but Natsumi can see he put effort into getting the tickets, going out of his comfort zone to contact Kento just for her.

The concert includes Ryokuoushoku Shakai (the band who sings the theme tune) dedicating ‘Summer Time Cinderella’ to everyone who’s in love. Cue shy smiles from Kento and Natsumi as Takumi and Sakuri look on. But at lunch, when Sakuri brings up parents being part of a romantic relationship, things dim a little, even when Takumi defends that love should be between the two alone. When Natsumi and Takumi leave, the temperature is lukewarm.

Afterwards, Sakuri apologizes to Kento for mentioning his parents. She continues, tucking in that Takumi is in love with Natsumi too, a fact he seems to have missed. On the other side, Takumi takes Natsumi’s heart seriously, bolstering her and reinforcing that love is just between the two of them. Later, Takumi gives her a whale wind chime to keep her from feeling lonely. And finds the right moment to confess his feelings, saying he’d like to stay with her always.

The Episode Review

It’s the confession we’ve been awaiting, Takumi finally finding his feelings and the right moment to share them. What do we think she’ll do, now that the ‘parents’ issue is on the table and Kento is clearly uncomfortable – dumbfounded even? Having seen a little inkling of Kento’s parents, it seems like there’s reason to worry. 

Meanwhile, Hayakawa’s mates encouraging him to go for Risa, even with the ex-husband playing happy family, is an interesting one. Rather than trying to save him the pain, they’re supporting his obvious feelings. But it looks like Risa has already schooled herself to stay away.

And poor Osamu is bewildered by how things went wrong, even though he followed the rules. Rules are his happy place. But what is he defending in not discussing things with Mamoru? His pride? Hers? The more befuddled he is, the more one can see why Ari liked him in the first place. NOT a player. Many choices to be made in the penultimate episode – who’s ready?

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