Cinderellas of Midsummer – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Cinderellas of Midsummer Episode 8 slides us toward the end of summer. At the office, Kento welcomes a former classmate, Sakuri, to his team, while the girls console Risa about Haruki. When Takumi shows up, they cheer up, switching to talking of old times – like the one where Takumi pretended to forget his homework so he could be punished alongside Natsumi.

Ari and Osamu have a shopping date and as usual, he doesn’t really get it. She starts by explaining the joy of shopping, falling in love with items at first sight – like with a person. Of course, she felt the opposite upon meeting Osamu, but now it’s grown to love. At first, he’s befuddled, then upset then gives a little smile.

Curiosity growing, Takumi meets his former crush/teacher to ask how she knew about his feelings for Natsumi. She explains that it’s been there for a long time, such as when he fought someone who insulted Natsumi’s mother.

Everyone gathers for a surprise party for Mamoru with Osamu luring him to the café. The guys talk about how they met and become close and even Osamu has something to say. Afterwards, Natsumi and Kento clean and chat, with Takumi observing them.

Hayakawa shows up late but particularly wants to give a present to Haruki – a real stethoscope and a wish they’ll work together someday. Haruki believes they’re both rivals and friends. When Hayakawa encourages Haruki’s aspirations, he’s delighted when the kid takes his hand.

Later, Ari notes that the party was Osamu’s idea, to Mamoru’s surprise. When it’s just the two of them, Mamoru makes Osamu admit he’s happy with Ari and that it’s all down to his support.

Still at the café, Natsumi puts both Takumi and Kento to work. Takumi discloses he’s not seen Natsumi smiling like this in a while, particularly when looking at Kento. But the vibe changes when Sakuri shows up and they need to do some quick revising on a project together. Sakuri asks Natsumi whether she’s ‘the girlfriend’ Kento’s colleagues mentioned but she shies away from it.

With Kento back in Tokyo, Takumi brings end-of-summer fireworks to light with Natsumi. She talks about always feeling lonely that time of year, the same time her mother left. She thanks him for consoling her secretly, year after year. He walks away so she can take a call with Kento but can’t help watching her smile as she does. Meanwhile at the office, Sakuri listens in on Kento happily chatting with Natsumi.

The Episode Review

Takumi is nearly there on his feelings for Natsumi, but will he use this self-discovery to protect her feelings so he can watch her smile? Or will he try to fulfil his long-time romance, the one he walked away from not long ago? Does he still even have a shot?

Ari and Osamu get closer and he gradually finds himself changing because of her love and faith in him. Even others are noticing it, although he’s still a bit embarrassed to admit it. Mamoru jokes about taking the credit for their connection but you can see he’s also regretting not getting in there sooner. He seems to be opting for friendship and support but can he contain his feelings?

Meanwhile, Hayakawa is unsurprisingly one smart cookie, maintaining a relationship with Haruki, even though Risa has broken their ties. After all, it was Haruki who insisted they visit when he was ill, chose the get-well-menu, etc. The kid must see something in him even though he’s outwardly rooting for his parents to get back together. What kid wouldn’t? But he’s showing that he’s not completely against Hayakawa. Now it’s down to Risa to see it.

With only a couple of episodes to go, the appearance of Kento’s former classmate, Sakuri could put a dent in things. Especially if she decides she’s a better match for him. How much would it take for Natsumi to feel insecure about their opposites-attract romance? It’s taken her long enough to accept it and she’s still waiting for him to formally ask her to be his girlfriend. That’s the funny thing – Kento acts like they’re already a couple. I guess they do see things differently.

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