Cinderellas of Midsummer – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Cinderellas of Midsummer Episode 7 provides sweet exchanges between the new couple with Natsumi continuing the ‘Mom’ role at home. Until their real mom calls wanting to visit. Natsumi takes it in stride but Kaito is a little uncertain. Their mother confirms she’s likely to stay a bit and apologizes for leaving everything to Natsumi.

The next day, Natsumi’s mother sees Takumi, asking if they’re still getting married, like they said they would as kids. Kaito spills that she’s got Kento now, but Natsumi denies that he’s her boyfriend. When Takumi spots an opportunity, he asks Natsumi’s mom why she’s really returned, noting that Natsumi took care of everything at home and in the café since high school, all to ensure a place for her mother.

While Osamu tries to figure out what to text Ari, she shares her rejection with a colleague – who reminds her that prim and proper is what she is seeking. Mamoru meets Ari to apologize on Osamu’s behalf and thanks her for inadvertently inspiring him in his career.

At the café, Natsumi’s mom plays her role, checking Kento on his interest in her daughter. As he waxes on about how wonderful she is, her mom is pleased to hear it. Because she’s got some debt she’d rather Natsumi didn’t know about. Kento declines, saying Natsumi wouldn’t want that.

Mamoru meets Osamu, explaining he went to see Ari. He’s shocked to hear Osamu thank him – thanking is not how he rolls. Aware of how he insults people whenever he speaks, Osamu has been checking books, but not finding anything on navigating romance. Mamoru suggests speaking his feelings honestly.

At the beach, Haruki goes missing with everyone running around looking for him, including a wild-haired Hayakawa. Just as Risa panics, her ex-husband calls saying Haruki arrived by train. It’s the kicker that makes Risa decide to return to her ex, telling Hayakawa she can’t see him anymore.

After getting the call that Haruki is found, Natsumi heads back to the café to find her mom taking cash from the register. She admits she’s returned because of debt, noting Kento won’t help her. Natsumi gives her the cash asking her not to tell dad and Kaito but she’s crushed to hear her mom doesn’t need anything else from them.

The next day, Risa sees Hayakawa and has to stop herself from crying. Kento makes a date with Natsumi. And Osamu visits Ari, apologizing. Ari does too for not understanding the importance of order to Osamu, keen to understand him. And with that bit of surprise, he asks her out. Later, she wonders if they can hold hands and he agrees that it’s the right order.

At Kento’s beach house, he gives Natsumi a tour and sets up a chance to talk. They discuss their mothers, Natsumi lamenting that hers doesn’t need her after seven years. Kento is able to comfort her even if she can’t admit she needs it.

The Episode Review

Damn, that’s a blow. Natsumi’s mom is a skiver. The mother of the most generous girl in the district. Clearly, she proudly takes after her dad. Kento smartly does the exact right thing. But still, it is a bit of a shocker, isn’t it? What’s interesting is how he’s earned Natsumi’s trust enough for her to be upset in front of him.

Even though Takumi too came to her defense, it doesn’t look like he has much of a chance now. Or does he? He has been working in the background on her behalf – perhaps he always has. And then there’s Risa and Hayakawa. I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear he’s a fave – wouldn’t we all love a Hayakawa in our lives?

Actually, it’s a toss-up. There’s a predisposition to love Osamu in the wake of a full-on conversion to the My Beautiful Man series. If you’ve not yet read the interview with Riku Hagiwara’s (Osamu’s) counterpart, Yusei Yagi, check it out here. Even if you’re not yet obsessed with MBM, Osamu is turning out to be quite a sweetie. A weird little sweetie. And Ari-chan spotted it first.

All in all, lots happening as ever as our triumvirate of heroines try to figure things out. At least they have each other and the surety of the sea.

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