Cinderellas of Midsummer – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Cinderellas of Midsummer Episode 6 drapes us on the beach as the girls get excited hearing of Kento’s love confession – but Natsumi is a little unsure. They are different, but the girls pose that that’s the attraction.

Ari is cheerful at work, even after not passing her test. Things only get better when a customer arrives, insisting she does his haircut – she’s surprised to see it’s Osamu. He insists he’s happy to have Ari cut his hair, even though she’s only an assistant.

Amid praise for Kento, Takumi asserts he can continue doing things for Natsumi’s family, except help Kaito in math, unfortunately. Conveniently Kento does stop by, ready to tutor. Takumi gets a moment alone with Natsumi, pleased to hear she still believes she and Kento are from different worlds. However, she also notes it’s not bad to see different places.

Walking home, Risa and Haruki hear Hayakawa is ill and stop in to see him. Haruki insists on the visit, revealing he wants to be a doctor too so he won’t lose to Hayakawa. When Haruki falls asleep, the two get a chance to talk, Risa asking why he has two difficult jobs. Hawakaya is determined to save as many people as he can in any way he can.

Ari realizes Osamu came in for a cut to help build her confidence, even though he won’t admit it. He thinks it’s amazing how she interprets everything so optimistically.

From the beach house, Kento continues work but his mother calls to tell him to head back to Tokyo, as it’s troublesome for his father. Instead, he visits the café to find Natsumi and family eating noodles from a mini water slide. When Takami joins, it brings back family memories of all the years they’ve spent together. Later, Kento and Natsumi make plans to watch the meteor shower.

At the hospital, Osamu gets scolded by a superior for this insensitive bedside manner. He arrives home to find Ari with a thank-you gift. Inviting her in for tea, he then asks her to stay rather than travel alone at night. Agreeing, she explains that she’s come to understand him and expresses her love. But when she tries to kiss him, he backs away.

Kento and Natsumi chat, laugh and watch the stars, he admitting that he was jealous hearing of her childhood with Takumi. While she explains her renewed thinking on being different, he notes he’d like to be with her forever.

Mamoru quits his job to focus on taking the bar exam. The next day, he stops at Osamu’s place to borrow a book but finds Ari there and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion. When Osamu sets him straight, Mamoru notes he may have made a mistake, not taking Ari’s feelings into account.

Risa’s ex-husband visits her to discuss getting back to together, specifically so they can raise Haruki together. He notably doesn’t mention his feelings for her. The next evening Kento and Natsumi hang out at the beach playing games. Kento wins and as a prize, asks for an answer to his confession. She says she’d like to make him smile.

The Episode Review

And it is on. Natsumi and Kento finally kiss. With all the back-and-forth about being from different planets, Natsumi finally, with the help of her friends, sees the treasure in their differences. So, with Kento ignoring his mother’s demand that he return to Tokyo, they begin to date.

And while all this is happening, Takumi hasn’t even made a play, so from Natsumi’s perspective, she’s had to get rid of her feelings for him. So he may have missed his moment. But, with mothers involved, there are still things that can go wrong, potentially giving him an opportunity to jump in. Unless she really has let go.

Meanwhile, Ari reads the signs and puts herself out there only to be rejected in the name of misunderstanding. While Osamu explains to Mamoru that he thinks he likes her, he’s been hung up on a specific order of a relationship – and the disorder to date. Mamoru immediately spots where things went wrong – and Osamu is going to need all the help he can get. Perhaps an Osamu-whisperer for Ari (and everyone else)?

But is a high-n-dry Mamoru willing to take the role? He still has his own feelings for Ari in this. Then there’s Risa who finally starts to see Hayakawa in a new light as he talks passionately about his goal of saving lives in multiple capacities. It’s funny, this little rivalry he has going on with Haruki, all for Risa’s attention. The kid sees it, doesn’t he?

Then there’s the proposition from Risa’s ex, which may seem like a great opportunity for Haruki. Yet the ex has not said a thing about his feelings for Risa. So, it sounds like an unhappy proposition. Think she has it in her to choose happiness for herself?

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