Cinderellas of Midsummer – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Cinderellas of Midsummer Episode 5 brings us to Natsumi’s kitchen where Kaito isn’t himself, distracted and quiet. The girls come to help out so Natsumi can head to an exhibit in Tokyo. She makes plans to meet Kento afterwards but loses her phone. Elsewhere, Mamoru tells Osamu that he’ll focus on studying for the bar exam to prove himself to Ari. Noting her stylist exam is coming up, he confides he’ll ask her on a real date once she’s clear of it.

Takumi visits the diner but doesn’t stay, becoming uncomfortable hearing the girls talk about Natsumi and Kento. In Tokyo, Kento runs around searching for Natsumi, finding her phone for her and taking a guess on where to find her. When they meet, they take in the view of Tokyo, getting to know each other better.

The next day, Takumi stops to see Natsumi, asking about her trip to Tokyo. He invites her to go with him next time but she wonders when he got interested in Tokyo, totally missing the point.

Ms Kana, Takumi’s crush, visits the diner chatting with Natsumi. She observes that Takumi actually loves Natsumi, not her, getting him thinking. Later, Kento shows up when Kaito invites him. They’re shocked when he announces to Natsumi and Kento that he’ll soon be a father and plans to marry Akika.

Ari has a mishap during her stylist test, believing she may have failed. Osamu materializes with flowers to wish her luck, not realizing the test is already over. He’s not very good at consoling but they get to chat and she appreciates his efforts, especially when he formally but awkwardly apologises. Mamoru, also flower-clad, spots them together.

Meanwhile, Risa takes Haruki to meet his dad at the park. As Hayakawa happens to be there, they decide to speak less formally to each other, yet she introduces him to her ex as a pediatrician rather than a friend. Was it because he reiterated that he doesn’t want to forget what happened?

Kento helps Natsumi at the diner, discussing what to do about Kaito. Her dad returns and not long later, Akika’s family appears to discuss the circumstances, criticizing the way Kaito was raised. Natsumi apologises on her knees and promises to take care of Akika.

At this, Akika finally apologises too, admitting that the child isn’t Kaito’s but that he promised to take responsibility for her. Afterwards, Kento and Natsumi marvel at Kaito. On that note, Kento tells Natsumi how cool she was speaking for her brother – and that he loves her.

The Episode Review

So here it is, Kento is making his move and Takumi is out of time to sort and ponder his feelings if he wants to compete. Yet even though he’s slowly coming to the conclusion that he’s interested in Natsumi, he’s still not clearly making a stand. Perhaps next episode?

But bigger than that is the bomb of Kaito announcing fatherhood and that he’ll marry Akika, even going against Natsumi’s recommendation that he not give up school. Wow, what a kid promising to help someone he loves even though he’d been betrayed. He certainly was raised well.

Osamu making a move to meet and apologize to Ari is interesting and seems out of character for him – at least to date. So, he’s making a change because he’s at the very least curious about Ari. He doesn’t seem like the guy to waste time on testing the waters. He must be more than a little interested to show up and make his first-ever apology. It’s certainly made an impression on Mamoru.

And then there’s sweet, persistent Hayakawa. In a matter of seconds, Risa gives him an opening and then takes it away, relegating him back to Haruki’s doctor rather than even introducing him as a friend. Since it’s her ex, okay, not his business. But still, Hayakawa looked hurt. How long will he pursue without a glimmer of a chance? 

The Cinderellas continue to entertain with a myriad of love triangles and an overlay of ‘us and them,’ keeping the plot flowing. More to come for sure. 

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