Cinderellas of Midsummer – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Cinderellas of Midsummer Episode 4 tosses us back into the storm where Takumi catches a falling Natsumi just as Kento arrives. Witnessing their moment, he quickly walks away but not without Takumi spotting him and silently turning away. The next day, Takumi helps her with repairs before going off to work. She notes she doesn’t know him as well as she thought she did. She also tells him he doesn’t need to be nice to her, and that everything is fine.

Back in Tokyo, Kento gets an earful from his father for abandoning his meeting. He says he was worried about a good friend, but that’s not acceptable. In reply to his previous night’s text, Natsumi tells him she’s fine and he need not worry. She then makes breakfast and a bento for Takumi, telling him she won’t keep depending on him.

The girls show up soon enough to help out and Natsumi playfully moves on. But Takumi overhears the girls asking about Kento and can’t stop himself from remarking that she should stay away from him. While the girls notice his eyes following Natsumi, she’s already given up saying she always gets misled when Takumi’s nice. The girls test their theory, talking about Kento whenever Takumi enters ear-space.

Takumi heads to work but spots his crush on the way. She mentions that her husband and she don’t really get along, even though it looks that way. Then she rides off leaving him befuddled.

The guys show up to help Natsumi with repairs but Kento looks down. He admits to the guys that he’s had a quarrel with her. They’re surprised as he rarely argues with anyone and he’s keen to sort things. Just as Natsumi is about to apologise to Kento, Takumi calls for her, needing her help with something.

Risa dips out to pick up Haruki and they run into Hayakawa. He offers to help out at the café with everyone else as he tries to bond a little with Haruki.

Kento works on an architectural drawing to improve the café structure and Natsumi includes Takumi, as he’s a carpenter. But the other guys go out of their way to note the differences between a Tokyo-educated future heir and a carpenter, instantly raising hackles.

Takumi asks for Kento’s help outside and it becomes a standoff with Kento stating he’s not planning on losing. He admits he left on the day of the storm, having seen the two of them together. Just as they’re about to clear things between them, Natsumi shows up.

Risa joins with Haruki and Hayakawa in tow. The guys remark that they thought he was Risa’s husband and he notes that he hopes to be. But Haruki jumps in, noting that he’s not his father. As they take a break, Natsumi spots Takumi getting a call from his crush who asks him to meet up. Natsumi encourages him to go to her.

Throughout the day of labor, Osamu makes comments insulting pretty much everyone, from Takumi and Natsumi to Hayakawa and Risa, all with different little quips. Finally, Ari slaps him for refusing to apologise but Mamoru steps in, saying Osamu’s got an inferiority complex. Osamu can’t stop himself and just keeps on going so the two nearly come to blows.

Outside, Mamoru admits to Ari that he’s a failure but she’s not bothered by that, she likes him because he’s kind. But he’s not in a place to respond. Meanwhile, Hayakawa carries a sleeping Haruki for Risa. She has a moment of guilt about raising him without his father, but Hayakawa consoles her.

Natsumi is pleased to see Osamu unphased after the argument and sends him to work with a bento. He reveals that she’s changed Kento, that he dropped his work to head to her on the day of the storm. Oh. 

That afternoon, Natsumi and Kento apologize to each other, becoming less formal and delightedly using each other’s first names. And by phone, Takumi tells his crush he’s busy, running back to Natsumi. But he finds Kento first, suggesting that if he doesn’t love her, he should stay away. Yet Kento reveals that he does.

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And with that, the gauntlet is dropped. Takumi was there when Natsumi fell, catching her and symbolically assuring her safety. The fact that he saw Kento and didn’t speak bears witness to Takumi’s growing worry over the competition. Even if he doesn’t want Natsumi, he still doesn’t want to see her with Kento.

Looking out for a friend? Maybe… But we don’t really believe that. He’s starting to look at her in a different light, even walking away from an opportunity with his crush (is it too soon to say former crush?) to, if not turn her head, at least create a barrier between her and Kento to give himself some time.

Throughout the day of labor, Osamu insults everyone in one way or another, upsetting people and pushing boundaries. To date, they’ve all just accepted his ways but now he’s pushed Ari too far in insulting Natsumi and Risa both with comments about the fate of one-parent children. Yet he seems to have at least a glancing interest in Ari. Will her anger give him pause? The rest of us can only hope so. 

Hayakawa is extremely straightforward, displaying his interest in Risa to all her friends. It’s a smart move, as he could use all the help he can get while Risa worries over her responsibility to her son. We haven’t seen much of her husband yet but he’s already suggested moving Haruki to Tokyo. Would she consider rekindling and moving to Tokyo? It doesn’t seem like a place she’s keen to go. 

Lots to think about here as all the romances tighten their strands, creating an impactful episode full of emotion. Who are you rooting for the most?

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