Cinderellas of Midsummer – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Cinderellas of Midsummer Episode 3 paddles us on the sea as the girls wonder what Natsumi and Kento talk about, comparing it to her now strained relationship with Takumi. As they clean the beach, some life guards happen by, Hayakawa among them, who’s keen to know Risa’s first name.

Kento stops by Natsumi’s workplace and Kaito is excited to share she’s been selected for a paddleboard competition in Okinawa. If she wins, she’ll use the prize money to refurb the café that’s been floating on DIY to date. Kento promises to cheer for her from Tokyo, as he must go back for work.

Ari talks to Mamoru by phone about her nervousness over an upcoming hair-cutting test. He invites her to Tokyo on her next day off and takes her to an impossible-to-get hairstylist appointment to witness the pros up close.

Natsumi and Kento run into each other at a shrine, each praying for different reasons. He says he’s never been wished well by his family so she gives him a four-leafed clover for luck with his work presentation. Back at the café, she sees Takumi for the first time since their kiss. He sincerely apologises and promises not to do it again. Then she asks for a quick consult on the renovations – the place is in pretty bad shape.

Ari messes up her hotel reservation in Tokyo so Mamoru asks her to stay over, but she insists on going her own way. When a creepy guy approaches, Mamoru swoops in like a boyfriend, convincing her it’s safer to stay with him. He takes her to Osamu’s place pretending it’s his.

Risa’s ex suggests their son could live with him in Tokyo, which sends her off drinking near the pier. Hayakawa takes her home to drink at his, as it’s better and safer than drinking alone.

Natsumi’s dad walks in on her and Takumi’s renovation planning. He apologies, having given their savings away to a friend in need, so there’s no travel budget for the competition. Devastated, she plays it off like no big deal.

Ari lets slip to Osamu that she knows Mamoru is lying about the apartment and other things too, but she still thinks he’s a nice guy. From behind the door, Mamoru overhears her saying that she likes him. After the three have gone to sleep, Mamoru wakes Ari saying he knows she likes him, asking for a kiss. But she declines, as she’s not that kind of girl and sweetly sends him back to his own bed. Still awake, Osamu overhears them.

Risa and Hayakawa drink and chat at his house, finding they have similarities. They flirt, kiss and end up in bed, but the next day when he wants to cuddle, she wants him to forget.

Kento gives Natsumi an amulet to win the competition but she says she’s decided not to go, making excuses. Misunderstanding, he accuses her of giving up. She confirms they’re really from two different worlds and gives it back. The next day, ready to head for Tokyo, he drops off a toy whale for Natsumi, but she’s not at the café. Her brother explains why she can’t join the competition.

After work, Natsumi comes home to the whale and news that Kento may not be able to return. Meanwhile, he’s in Tokyo meeting his parents who can only talk about work and opportunities. He gets right back into the swing at the office.

Haruki finally comes home and Risa’s ex is still on about being able to provide better for Haruki. Is it okay for him to be without a father forever? Later that night she takes Haruki to the hospital with a fever. And Hayakawa, the doctor on call, doesn’t even flicker but gets on with the exam, as they address each other formally. Luckily, it’s just a cold.

A storm is announced on the news and Natsumi’s dad takes off to help the elderly with their shutters while Kaito goes to check on his girlfriend, leaving Natsumi to look after the café. Kento checks in by text but it goes unread as the storm whips up. He can’t reach her by phone either.

As Natsumi tries to cover the exposed roof at the café, Takumi comes to her rescue as a second pair of hands. Just as Kento reaches her, he spots Takumi preventing her from a fall.

The Episode Review

Natsumi is a die-hard people-pleaser, wanting her three-meter radius to be happy even at her own expense. Her dad having given away their savings and then apologising like a naughty kid proves that Natsumi is the defacto head of her family, with everyone depending on her.

Yet she’s still someone who sticks up for herself when necessary. After all, no one likes to be falsely accused or misunderstood. And Kento, however from a different world, still seems to be getting drawn into her problems and wanting to make a place for himself – or at least considering it while still hesitating.

And then there’s Takumi reliable in practical ways, yet not so when it comes to the heart. But Natsumi is a practical girl and one who still hasn’t completely given up on her feelings. So there’s triangle one.

Now Ari and Mamoru and Osamu. That one seems a little less predictable. While I’ll be shocked if Kento doesn’t win triangle one, here I’m not quite sure. What are your guesses?

Then onto Risa and DOCTOR Hayakawa. Well, there’s a surprise for you. And seems an easy choice over the ex-husband, no? Well, maybe not easy. However, perhaps she’s ruined her chances by not being up-front about her scenario. Equally, maybe Hayakawa isn’t bothered, as they’ve never talked about their situations, including his real job.

I know who I’m rooting for on all three – how about you? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts below.

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