Cinderellas of Midsummer – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

Cinderellas of Midsummer Episode 10 puts us back at the moment of Takumi’s confession and Natsumi’s response – she likes Kento. But Takumi promises to always come to her rescue. After all, they’ve been friends since forever.

Natsumi and Kento have a date, noting their previous fateful encounters and remarking that each has brought color to the other’s life. They end up at Kento’s beach house where he proves he thinks of her and formally asks her to be his girlfriend. He gives her a sunflower which means ‘I only have eyes for you.’

At the office, Kento’s father encourages him to think about his future, one that includes Sakuri. Kento tells him that he’s already found someone and agrees to introduce him. He arranges a meet-up for that weekend with Natsumi.

Takumi shows up at the café but they quickly dispense with the awkwardness, falling back into their typical banter. He shows a new capacity for little changes that makes Natsumi smile.

Ari calls Osamu ending their period of silence and apologizing, saying she misses speaking with him. She invites herself to his place under the guise of making dinner. While Osamu doesn’t know how to take it, Mamoru is way more excited at the chance to see her.

Mamoru has flowers for Ari as a good luck wish for the exam and helps her with the cooking as Osamu silently watches their interactions. During dinner, Ari checks to see if Osamu likes her cooking but he sort of brushes it off as following a recipe. As ever, Mamoru jumps in to smooth things while Osamu can only watch.

The next day, Natsumi nervously gets ready to meet Kento’s parents, preparing food, her outfit, everything. They sit down to lunch and chat but after a few questions and veiled scolding – and before they even take a bite – Kento’s dad is ready to leave. Outside, he notes that Kento needs someone to match him or he won’t be able to entrust his company to him.

Mamoru reminds Osamu to call Ari ahead of her exam but he counters that he can tell Mamoru is still in love with her. He tries to skirt around it but Osamu is clear. Later, Osamu meets Ari to break up with her but can’t get the words out, forcing her to do the job for him.

Haruki practices listening to heartbeats with Hayakawa, telling him he can be the team leader when they work together. Haruki will be CEO of course, and Risa can be Hayakawa’s underling. Meanwhile, Sakuri asks how things went with Kento’s parents meeting Natsumi. He admits not well but that he’d told his dad he doesn’t plan to break up with her.

Returning home, Osamu admits to Mamoru that Ari broke up with him but Mamoru realizes he put her in a position to do so. Osamu gives up, deciding it’s for the best, so Mamoru says he’ll make his move. Meeting up with Ari that evening, he cheers her up with fireworks and confesses that he likes her. Meanwhile, at home, Osamu is surprised to find tears in his eyes.

Risa and Hayakawa run into each other at the usual spot, both admitting they go there for the chance to run into each other. Hayakawa asks if there is a chance for the three of them to be a family together.

Sakuri visits Natsumi to tell her that Kento may be throwing away his future to be with her. She notes that Kento wouldn’t want her to know but that he’s upset about it.

The next day, Takumi checks in, cheering her up. When rain breaks out while Natsumi is on a delivery, Takumi runs to her with an umbrella. As they head in separate directions, Natsumi turns to thank him not noticing a car racing toward her. Takumi jumps into the road to push her out of the way.

The Episode Review

By the gods at FujiTV, we’ve been gifted one more episode of Cinderellas of Midsummer. And with many strings dangling in the air, there’s a lot to clean up – with multiple potential pairings in mid-air as well as a possible car accident. Natsumi is once again at the center, a place she doesn’t really wish to be, and with the knowledge of Kento’s predicament, will she fall on her sword or stand by Kento in his decision about his future?

There’s an ever-present battle between what seems to be right and what one actually feels as well as what the other person truly feels. On top of it all is this about-to-happen car accident. It’s a bit of a game changer depending on who actually gets injured and how the rest will react.

On to Mamoru – who thinks he’s really going for it and who believes he’s forcing Osamu to make a move – as well as testing Ari’s feelings? That one’s 50/50 but it’s a win-win either way, isn’t it? Either he’s the amazing selfless friend OR he gets the girl. Well played.

And lovely Hayakawa lays it all out for Risa, wanting not just her but her son as well and proving himself a pretty perfect partner. If it’s more than just attraction, she’d be an idiot to let him go just because she told her ex she would. Haruki has made his stance pretty clear.

So, lots to come next week in the final episode of Cinderellas of Midsummer. Episode 10 has been extremely tight, leaving just enough uncertainty but with the ability to turn things around well in one more chapter.

Are you rooting for Kento or Takumi? Osamu or Mamoru? Hayakawa or the ex? (Is that even a question?) Let us know in the comments below.

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