Cigarette Girl – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 5 of Cigarette Girl begins with Arum asleep in her mother’s mixing room. Lebas wakes her up and she hugs him, crying. Arum goes to Rukayah, who apologises to Arum.

After the opening montage, we are taken to ailing Raja. He is writhing in his bed as he says words of apology to Jeng Yah. He says that Mr Djagad put Mr Idroes’ name on the list all those years ago.

What happens in 1973?

The year is 1973, place is Kudus. Purwanti is instructing the house-help to move things around. Raja is focused on his work when she reminds him that only his room is left to be cleaned. She also tells him that he needs to empty his desk before the help can box it.

Raja opens a drawer and takes out a wooden box. It contains that old photo of Mr Idroes, his family and the factory workers along with Jeng Yah’s diary and an invitation. The box is like a last link to his life before separating from Jeng Yah. He writes up a letter to confess all that he knows regardless of the fact that he could be jailed or be killed.

He meets Seno at M City and gives him a bundle containing some proof and his letter for Jeng Yah. Seno accuses Raja’s involvement with the prohibited party as the cause behind Jeng Yah’s woes and her father’s demise.

What does Mr Djagad threaten Raja with?

When Raja proclaims that he was not involved with the party, Seno asks him why his name wasn’t on the list. Seno tells him that someone, Mr Djagad, was protecting him and it was Mr Djagad who could have added Mr Idroes’ name on the list.

Seno berates Raja for his actions after the ill-fated night. He also warns Raja that he will be considered a traitor by Jeng Yah and her family since he’s given proof now.

Raja confronts Mr Djagad. When Raja says that they can set things right, Mr Djagad reminds him of his glorious life ahead. He says that success requires some sacrifices, and he warns Raja that if he continues to interfere with the past, Jeng Yah and her family will  suffer the most.

What does Lebas want?

Lebas is asleep on the couch. Arum offers some ginger candy to Rukayah. When Rukayah asks how she knows, Arum says Lebas told her that when they first met Rukayah asked him for ginger candy. Rukayah remarks that Lebas looks familiar.

At the dining table, she apologises to Lebas, who wants help finding Jeng Yah but before, she begins narrating Jeng Yah’s story.

Jeng Yah and Rukayah’s mother had passed away before 1973. Raja had officialized his business in Jakarta. Rukayah asks Jeng Yah to move on from Raja and open her heart to someone else.

Just then, Seno arrives in his car with some groceries. Jeng Yah offers her gratitude to Seno for his help. She has been taught to earn the things she has and hence she would like to work.

Do Jeng Yah and Seno get married?

Seno offers her a job at his father’s factory as a flavor maker but she refuses. Jeng Yah and her family have been blacklisted so it would be risky for anyone to hire her. Seno says he can get her name out of that list. Rukayah brings him the bundle that Raja had given.

Seno convinces his father to hire Jeng Yah as the secret flavor maker at Boekit Klapa. Jeng Yah immersed herself in work to keep her mind occupied. She created new flavours but never believed that they would be successful – and she still has the bottle of Gadis Kretek. As a result, she recreates the flavor.

One day, Seno drops by to check on her. She has grown rather cynical of her skills as a flavor maker. Seno consoles her. He proposes marriage to her once again and she accepts.

The two get married in secret because as a soldier, Seno cannot marry Jeng Yah, whose name is in the blacklist. Soon after the marriage, Seno is enlisted to fight an insurgence. Rukayah’s voiceover tells us that Seno’s departure was rather abrupt.

Two weeks after Seno’s departure, the news of his death reaches Jeng Yah. A month later, Jeng Yah finds out that she is pregnant. Arum is then born.

Rukayah tells Arum that her birth gave hope to Jeng Yah. She tells Lebas that his smile reminds her of a friend from her younger days. Shortly after, Lebas and Rukayah head out for a walk. Lebas offers Arum a change of pace to make her feel better, but she refuses. She says she is better now, but she remarks the strange turn of events that brought them together.

Does Jeng Yah resume her work?

Lebas and Arum visit Mr Eko. Arum hands her an old photo of him and Jeng Yah. Mr Eko tells Arum that he learned everything from Jeng Yah. She was determined to provide for her child and worked relentlessly. She was laid of by Seno’s father after Seno’s death and she started her own cigarette business with Mr Eko.

Mr Eko shows Lebas and Arum around his small-scale business he started with Jeng Yah. She refused to become a business partner, but ensured that a portion of the business’ profits are reserved for her family. He also shows a journal of recipes as told by Jeng Yah. The current Gadis Kretek is the same one as the first Gadis Kretek that Jeng Yah had created. Arum asks to try one.

As Lebas turns to leave, Arum says that they should part ways more cordially. Lebas stops her and says that once he is back from Jakarta, things will be better. Raja apologises to Purwanti for being a bad husband. She says she had a happy marriage regardless. She’s happy that he provides well for his family.

Lebas tries the Gadis Kretek on his way back to Jakarta. He is stuck in traffic so he calls for a chopper. Upon reaching Jakarta, he offers the same Gadis Kretek to his brother Karim. His brother says DR’s cigarettes are the best.

Tegar panics and asks Lebas who else knows about it. When Lebas says only he and Jeng Yah’s family, Tegar asks Lebas to call their lawyer and take care of the matter.

Lebas protests that Raja and Mr Djagad were wrong to copy it in the first place. Tegar and Lebas get into a verbal spat but Karim calms them down as Raja is right next door. However, she also happens to be listening to this though.

Karim says they should make amends and Purwanti chimes in in agreement. Tegar reassures her that he will save the company and his grandfather Mr Djagad’s reputation. She rejects his assurances and cries about the past actions. She asks her sons to listen to their father. Purwanti tells Lebas to meet his father as he is waiting for Lebas.

Do Raja and Jeng Yah unite?

Raja tells Lebas that after his wedding day, he met Jeng Yah in 1975 at M City. He was travelling from Kudus to Jakarta with his family by train. It stopped at M City, where he saw Jeng Yah.

He apologises and encourages her read the letters he sent via Seno. He expresses his regrets, apologises to her and also reminds her of his love. The lovers kiss and Raja promises Jeng Yah that he will make things right. He asks her to meet him the station on the next Sunday. He promises to restart a new life with her.

Raja arrives at the station on the next Sunday as promised. But Jeng Yah never arrives. He spends a few days in M City looking for and asking about Jeng Yah, but he finds no leads.

Mr Djagad passed away soon after. It is year 1979 and we see Raja helping Mr Idroes’ former employees. He pays their hospital bills and made sure they had comfortable lives. In the year 1980, Raja launches a new logo for Djagad Raja brand. Letters “DR” are seen on the logo.

Raja hopes that Jeng Yah would see the logo and realises that Raja is calling for her. Raja still carries the invite card from his and Jeng Yah’s reception.

Raja apologises to Lebas for all the wrong things that he has done. He says that he never prided over whatever he did. Lebas consoles his father and tells him that he did not find Jeng Yah but he did find her daughter. Rukayah gives Jeng Yah’s journal to Arum hoping it would help Arum get more answers.

Lebas and Arum meet at Jeng Yah’s house in M City. Lebas says that Raja used to look after the house when Lebas was young. Lebas introduces Arum to Raja and his brothers. Raja apologises to Arum and promises that he will fix everything. Raja says that he should also apologise to Rukayah by going to her personally. He regrets the parents’ actions is making the children suffer.

How does Cigarette Girl end?

Arum tells Raja that on the day he and Jeng Yah met, Jeng Yah rushed home and read his letters. She prepares to be with Raja but Rukaya protests saying that he would not accept Seno’s child Arum. The day before Raja and Jeng Yah were supposed to meet at the station, Jeng Yah fell severely ill.

She was infected by a virus and her captivity had made her body weak to fight against it. Her death was imminent but she passed away a week later and left Arum in Rukayah’s care.

Only Rukayah and Mr Eko know this, but Raja asks Arum to take him to Jeng Yah’s grave. He visits the old factory and mixing rooms, imagining Jeng Yah working there.

Raja passes away soon after, while Rukayah and Arum attend his funeral. Rukayah and Purwanti have a tearful reunion.

Arum sets the Gadis Kretek cigarette box among other boxes on display at the museum. Lebas joins her. She wants to know about her father’s side of the family now, and the two share some banter before taking him on a ride on her bike. 

The Episode Review

That was one eye-opening episode. I suppose we could say all is well that end’s well? For one, it is nice to see Arum finally learn the truth about her mother(s), as tragic as it was.

Raja (and so do we) get to know the complete story of Jeng Yah. While it was safe to assume that Jeng Yah might not be alive in 2001, there was but a sliver of hope that perhaps the lovers would reunite for one last time before Raja succumbs to his illness.

Raja survived so long only so that he could express his regrets, say his apologies and learn the truth about Jeng Yah. Quite an eventful episode, all in all!

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