Chupa (2023) Ending Explained – Do Alex and Chupa remain together?

Chupa Plot Summary

Chupa is a new Netflix Original film that focuses on a young boy named Alex and his friendship with a Chupacabra, a supposedly mythological creature that he finds in his grandfather’s barn.

Alex names the beast Chupa and the two become friends. They have both become separated from their respective families – Alex’s father died of cancer and Chupa lost sight of his family while evading capture. This causes them to bond but as the movie draws to a close, Alex has to say goodbye to his sharp-toothed friend.

But do the two of them become separated? Or is there a chance that the boy and the beast can somehow stay together?┬áLet’s take a closer look at the movie:

How does Chupa become separated from his family?

At the beginning of the movie, we see scientist Richard Quinn and his team exploring a dark cave in San Javier, Mexico. They have evidence that Chupacabra exists in this part of the world and as they have been tasked with capturing one for the purposes of medical science, they are persistent in their pursuit of this legendary species.

Eventually, Quinn discovers a Chupacabra cub. It looks like a small puppy, with sharp teeth, retractable claws, and a set of wings. Due to its small size, it is no threat to them but before they can capture the beast, an adult Chupacabra arrives and escapes with the youngling.

Quinn manages to wound the older Chupacabra, forcing it to flee on foot. He then catches up with the two creatures but the junior Chupacabra is able to escape capture because the older beast (possibly the mother), distracts Quinn and his men and leads them in the opposite direction.

Why does Alex go to Mexico?

Alex’s mother wants him to go to Mexico to visit his grandfather and cousins. He doesn’t want to go because he dislikes his Mexican heritage but as his father had planned to take him there before his untimely death, Alex decides to make the journey from Kansas to his grandfather’s home.

Chava, Alex’s grandfather, collects the young teen from the airport and takes him back to the family farm. While there, Alex meets his younger cousin Memo and his older cousin Luna.

While at the farm, Alex learns more about his grandfather and how the man used to be a famous Lucha libre wrestler. He also discovers his grandfather is slowly losing his memory.

Shortly into his stay, Luna notices a sick goat outside. It has fang marks on its body, which is evidence of a Chupacabra, as these beasts are known for their fondness for goat blood. Chava dismisses this possibility as he says these creatures only belong in folklore, but a little while later, Alex thinks he spots a young Chupacabra cub hiding in the bushes.

How do Alex and Chupa bond?

After his first sighting of the cub, Alex meets it again the next day when he wakes up and discovers the furry creature on his bed. Alex is startled and this causes the cub to flee through the window, but the two meet again shortly after when Alex finds him in his grandfather’s barn.

Chupa (the name Alex gives to the beast) is drawn to the boy when he hears his music box but he becomes fearful when he hears the booming thunder outside. He becomes less fearful when the boy takes him in his arms with the promise that he will keep him safe. Alex refers to Chupa as his new family as they are both in need of somebody to love and become close to.

Soon after, Memo and Luna discover the whereabouts of Chupa when they see Alex with the creature. A friendship forms between all of them but this is threatened when Quinn arrives at the farm.

How does Quinn find Chupa?

Earlier in the movie, we see a car hit an older Chupacabra. The driver of the car is revealed to be Chava who later found Chupa when he returned to the scene of the accident to tow his car back to the farm.

The license plate fell from the car after the accident and this was later found by Quinn. He used this to track down Chava who had since taken Chupa back to his farm to keep the creature safe.

Chava let the kids believe the chupacabra didn’t exist so as to protect the animal in his barn. But unfortunately, the creature’s safety becomes compromised when Quinn arrives to take Chupa away.

Does Quinn capture Chupa?

Quinn sedates Chupa but before he can capture the drowsy beast, Chava, dressed in his old wrestler’s outfit while having a dementia episode, drop-kicks the scientist and escapes with Chupa and the kids in a car.

They drive to the site of the car accident in the hope of spotting Chupa’s family. Once there, Chupa gets excited and runs off, with Alex following behind.

After reaching the edge of a cliff, Chupa howls into the open space as a way of calling his family. From a distance, another howl is heard, and this causes Chupa to run across a nearby pipe to the other side of the cliff to be with the family member calling to him.

Before Alex can return to his grandfather and cousins, he is cornered by a cougar. He steps foot on the pipe but it can’t hold his weight. Chava, Luna, and Memo arrive to scare off the cougar but they are unable to rescue Alex when the pipe gives way.

Thankfully, Chupa hears the boy’s screams and returns to his location to catch him before he falls to his doom.

Alex’s life has been saved but when Quinn arrives, Chupa’s life is threatened once again. The wicked scientist sedates the cub and puts it in his vehicle. But before he takes Chupa to whatever laboratory is waiting for the poor beast, a family of chupacabras fly down onto Quinn’s car and cause it to stop.

Quinn makes a run for it but when he can go no further, he tries to plead with the chupacabras that are circling above him. At this point, Chava comes behind him and uses his signature wrestling move to take him down.

Do Alex and Chupa stay together?

Alex tells Chupa that he will always stay by his side but this is a promise that he is unable to keep. Chupa needs to return to his family and Alex needs to go home to his mom, so they aren’t destined to always stay together.

However, Alex does see Chupa one more time after boarding the plane home. When he looks out the window, he sees Chupa flying alongside him. For a moment, it could be assumed that Chupa is following Alex back to Kansas. But then Chupa flies away and as the movie ends, we see the creature enjoying life with his family.

Is this a sad ending?

Not really. Chupa is back with his family and we can assume that he went on to have a happy life. We don’t know what happened to Quinn but it’s hoped that he didn’t have the courage to try to hunt down Chupa again.

But did Alex have a happy ending? We think so. He may have said goodbye to Chupa but as he received love and acceptance from his family in Mexico, this may have been enough to help him overcome his grief after losing his father, and it may have helped him overcome his loneliness too.


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