Chucky – Season 3 Episode 4 “Dressed to Kill” Recap & Review

Dressed to Kill

Charlotte and Agent Warren Pryce watch an interview she did about the costume party in the White House as episode 4 of Chucky season 3 begins. She wants to cancel it, but Pryce insists they need the party, as it’ll set a trap for the killer. And, speaking of him, we cut to Chucky with a Phantom of the Opera costume. Henry is lying in bed, looking depressed, and says to his dad he won’t be going to the party. 

When the president leaves, Chucky shows a bit of his true colors to Henry. He says, in his normal voice, that Damballa will finally accept him again and that he needs a knife. It scares Henry, as he doesn’t understand what the doll is talking about.

Now we follow Tiffany arriving in prison and meeting Erica, the correctional officer. All inmates are ecstatic to see Tiffany, so she has to go to a distant and solitary cell. 

The White House’s butler brings Henry a pumpkin to carve and a big knife, Which Chucky sets his eyes on.  But then, the new nanny arrives. In a first impression, Annie already seems a nice person who tries to get along with Henry and help them with the pumpkin. And, knowing the show, those are the ones that never last long.

In prison, Tiffany goes to the rec room and meets Evelyn Elliott, a celebrity chef. They hit it off and have a pretty funny conversation about their crimes. The chef says she is there because her husband and her assistant were having an affair, so she baked them into a pie.

Everything goes pretty well until Tiffany mentions she killed her sister. That enrages Evelyn, as she loves her sister very dearly, and everyone who would do something like that to their own family is a monster. She leaves enraged, but that gives Tiffany a chance to steal the cigarette Evelyn was smoking.

Jake, Devon, and Lexy arrive at the party, however, things already start against them. The guard confiscates most of the things they plan to use on Chucky, only leaving them with a phone. Grant takes them to meet his parents, who are nice to them. But then something strange starts happening. The president sees Chucky using the Phantom of the Opera costume and mistakes him for his son. He tries to go after him, yet it doesn’t work.

After carving the pumpkin, Annie talks with Henry and it seems like they’re having fun. It’s the first real connection the child makes after the death of his brother. They leave to play hide and seek, while Chucky does something in the ceiling of the party.

 As they leave, Grant and the other kids arrive at the residence. He gives them a little tour, and quickly goes to his room with Lexy, leaving Devon and Jake alone to explore the place.

Grant puts on a pop song and starts trying to make her dance. She is very excited to be there with her and makes her laugh, but soon Lexy changes the song and talks to him about everything that has been happening with them. They have a heart-to-heart and it feels like Lexy is really beginning to like him. Meanwhile, Devon and Jake find out Chucky and Henry aren’t there anymore.

Tiffany’s voodoo book finally arrives with a straw doll. She uses them and Evelyn’s cigarette to control the Chef’s movements. Evelyn is teaching a cooking lesson in prison, but then she starts to behave very weirdly. She starts cutting her arms and body, peeling her hand’s skin, and hurting herself in other ways. Finally, she dunks her head in boiling water and dies.

And now, it’s time for something bad to happen at the White House. The kids return to the party looking for Chucky. They find Henry and try to film the doll, but Grant finds out they just used him to get into his house, so he takes the phone from Devon. Suddenly, the lights go out and everybody starts screaming.

The guards try to evacuate the president, but he goes after the person with the Phantom of the Opera costume. He goes closer and finds out it’s Chucky, finding it very weird. However, before he can think about anything, the guests realize there’s something weird going on with the giant chandelier. 

 When nobody could see him, Chucky was unscrewing it. So the chandelier falls and crushes many people, including Annie, only giving time for Jake to push Devon and save him. The guards take the president’s family upstairs, and, to make the kid’s defeat even worse, Chucky starts saying Good Guy Doll lines.

After the tragedy, we go to Tiffany again. Officer Erica get her the food and spits chewing gum on it to piss her off. However, it’s exactly what the serial killer needs. Tiffany picks it up and puts on the straw doll too. She starts controlling Erica and requests her to get personal belongings from all of them so she can escape.

In the final scene of Season 3 Part 1, Chucky says he has given Damballa 13 sacrifices and makes the ritual. When he takes his mask and looks at himself in the mirror, he’s even worse. He has way less hair than usual and his skin is very wrinkly. When Henry enters the door and asks him what is happening, we get a hilarious “I’m fucking dying,” and the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Part 1 ended, and we can’t wait to get the second. The deaths in this one were very entertaining, mainly Evelyn Elliot’s one. The chandelier falling seems a bit unimaginative at first, but the journalist from episode 1 taking a photo of herself dead and Annie’s face falling off make up for it. 

Tiffany’s plot was funnier than I expected. Seeing her in the next part controlling Erica and maybe even more people from the prison will be great; a gift that keeps on giving.

And, honestly, the kids’ plot was very weak the whole of part 1. But at least Lexy’s relationship with Grant seems a bit more believable and layered now. Let’s hope we get a nice development of that. Maybe he’ll join them in hunting Chucky, and stay longer than most secondary characters.

Lastly, Part 2’s trailer makes it seem like it’s going to be even more campy and fun. We’ll definitely have a blast again when Chucky comes back in 2024.

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