Chucky – Season 3 Episode 3 “Jennifer’s Body” Recap & Review

Jennifer’s Body

The story begins last January and gives us all the missing pieces we need. When Chucky reveals to Tiffany he is alive, the police arrive and arrest her for all her crimes. Nica is there to see it happening, and she doesn’t waste the chance to go after Chucky and Caroline, Lexy’s sister. However, the chance doesn’t last long, as they lose her when going down a set of stairs.

Chucky and Caroline take a cab. The driver thinks Chucky is an AI doll and tries to have a conversation. Chucky keeps insulting him, but the guy just laughs it off. Well, until Caroline and the doll start talking about killing people. The guy wants to get rid of them, but it’s already too late.¬†

Chucky lowers the car’s seat and shoves an umbrella inside the driver’s mouth. To finish it off, he opens it up, making the guy’s neck explode. Caroline is both amazed and terrified at what she sees, but she enjoys it and gives the doll a high-five.

We get a glimpse of Lexy’s first attempts to find her sister with the help of social media, and then cut to Andy. He’s happy in his house talking with Kyle on the phone. He explains he finally feels completely safe and that they can get on with their lives. When he hangs up, Chucky ruins the moment knocking him cold. He waits for Andy to be conscious again, and starts stabbing him countless times. But, unlucky for Chucky, he wakes up. And it’s not his last surprise.

He realizes he is losing his hair and his skin is aging. He reads a chant from the book “Voodoo for Dummies” to switch his body with Caroline’s. However, it doesn’t work, and she wakes up. She says he is old, and the only way to do something about that is to see a doctor.

In prison, we find Lexy interrogating Tiffany, who apologizes about Lexy’s mom. The girl asks about Caroline, and Tiffany tells her about the new Chucky. However, she doesn’t know where he is.

We skip to her judgment. Nica tells the court about the horrible things done to her. Even so, Tiffany tries to justify herself saying everything was out of love. The kids also testify, saying she’s a crazy killer with a voice that haunts their dreams.

Chucky, in the Voodoo doctor’s office (yeah, that’s what you read), awaits his turn in the reception. After the doctor analyses him, he gasps and asks if Chucky is worshipping another deity. When Chucky talks about the exorcism that happened in season 2, the Doctor says Chucky was infected with Christian magic. It’s advanced and the last time it happened was in the 11th century.

Chucky is dying, for real this time. To save him, the doctor gives him a prescription saying he’ll need to be more evil than ever before. And that involves him sacrificing 6 people to Damballa.

Back in court, Tiffany is the last witness. She tells everyone about who she is and her time with Chucky. Her lawyer’s point is to show she isn’t responsible for her actions, declaring her not guilty because of insanity. The judge doesn’t buy that and says sentencing will happen in October.

Chucky and Caroline go to Amityville and find a Dutch colonial, as he says those always are the most evil houses. Caroline pretends she is lost and needs help. When the residents let them in, Chucky kills them all. However, that doesn’t work. He makes the chant to Damballa two times, but his body doesn’t get younger.

That’s when they decide to hit the White House. Chucky feels it’s the right place to make the sacrifices. Caroline does all the research they need and gives Chucky a makeover to make him look younger. In a touching moment, Caroline says she wants to go with Chucky and that she’s afraid something bad might happen to him.

The president and his family are in the cemetery grieving Joseph, their 5 old son. Henry sees Chucky behind his brother’s grave and grabs him. Henry smiles when the doll starts saying its lines and tells him its name is Joseph. As he had been feeling down in the last months, the mother lets him keep it.

We quickly cut to Tiffany again and find out she’s going to receive a lethal injection. Nica, obviously, doesn’t waste her chance and says how much she hates her.

Finally, in the White House, Chucky makes his evil smile, and the episode ends. Now we have all the important information about what happens before episode 1.

The Episode Review

Showing more of Chucky has been the best thing for this season. Again, episode 1 is good, but 2 and 3 are far better. He is the funniest character in the show, and we get some great kills. Speaking of which, the one with the umbrella was great. It’s as violent and absurd as you’d want it to be.

We must highlight the Voodoo Doctor’s office scene. It’s a hilarious concept. There’s a guy with a weird angry creature that is his girlfriend inside a box; someone is complaining about being unable to attend a sacrifice. It’s funny to imagine there’s a universe of people who might be even weirder than Chucky out there. Also, the reason for his ritual is great. Being infected by Christianity by participating in an exorcism isn’t an easy guess.

¬†Tiffany’s scenes are funny and important too. We’ll surely get much more of her and Nica. The only bad thing to say it’s that there’s so much back and forth between her and Chucky that it feels like things are getting interrupted sometimes. Now, the only important thing we still have to know is how she’ll escape the lethal injection (’cause there’s no way she’ll die).

The season has been getting better and better, so it’s a pity the next episode will be the last one for a while. But let’s hope it finishes the first half with a bang.

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