Chucky – Season 3 Episode 2 “Let the Right One In” Recap & Review

Let the Right One In

The kids start their plan to enter the White House as episode 2 of Chucky season 3 starts. Lexy suggests they go after a personal invite from the president’s older son, Grant. She says she can seduce him with ease. 

However, Miss Fairchild interrupts their talk to bring the news about Chucky, which they already know. She obviously picks up on that and realizes they plan to kill the doll. She tries to persuade them, but it fails. So she joins them on their mission. 

We skip to Grant, Henry, and Chucky (now Joseph for the White House folks). Henry can’t sleep alone because of what happened to Teddy, so he tries sleeping with Grant. He asks if he is going to die too.

Grant tries to give a speech about how they lost people, which will keep happening in life, unfortunately. However, when he mentions they lost Joseph, Henry seems confused, as the doll is right there. The older brother gives up on explaining but notices his brother might be having problems distinguishing imagination and reality. He tries telling their parents the next morning, but they are too worried about a meeting to care.

Said meeting is to get the help of Warren Pryce, a Government agent. He appears very ominous, and, during his talk with the President and his wife, we get confirmation that Joseph is the name of their deceased son. The agent asks about the doll and what it’s doing in the Oval Office, so the family explains the situation to him.

After investigating, Devon and Jake find out Grant follows many accounts about conspiracy theories and grief. So they decide that Lexy should appeal to his emotional side and talk about her sister.

Before going back to that, we see Pryce investigating the room where Teddy died. He finds Chucky’s footprints and tries to compare them with Henry’s shoe, which obviously doesn’t work.

Grant has no friends in school, so he immediately answers Lexy’s message. They talk for a bit and agrees to meet her and her friends at a coffee shop.

Then we go for our second kill. Samantha, the President’s secretary, goes to his room and finds Chucky on the floor. She grabs him to deliver the doll to Henry. However, with the same evil grin he always has, Chucky slashes her neck two times with a letter opener. What’s weird is that he states there are still four to go.

Pryce finds Samantha’s body and asks Charlotte to come to the Oval Office in secret. He doesn’t want the President to find out about it, as he dislikes his campaign based on transparency.

Charlotte doesn’t want to keep it a secret but Pryce is so insistent she accepts his demands. They are only going to use a few resources and not depend on the police to find the killer in the White House.

As for Grant and the others, everything goes okay. Of course, the boy is a bit annoying, but Lexi, Devon, and Jake manage to become friends with him. He even invites them to a Halloween party in the White House. Later, his mother almost ruins his plans but after explaining his feelings and saying they are his only friends, she allows them at the party. But not before having a talk with Miss Fairchild.

Miss Fairchild does her best, and the conversation seems to be going very well, but Charlotte has to leave to talk with Pryce. And obviously, Chucky doesn’t waste the opportunity to be alone with Miss Fairchild. Although she tries to fight him, he suffocates her with an American flag in the room. Also, as evil as he is, he quickly calls Charlotte to warn her of what happened.

That is the last straw. Charlotte says things won’t be a secret anymore, stating she’ll call the police. However, Pryce is prepared for that and shows her pictures of her husband cheating on her. It doesn’t matter that it happened before the election, people still are going to eat him up. She leaves him be to protect her husband’s campaign.

Now, Chucky calls the kids, so they also know what he did to Miss Fairchild. They say they are going after him, but the killing doll is a step ahead. Chucky says he is waiting for Lexy and that it’ll be their bloodiest Halloween.

The Episode Review

Let’s start with what’s important: Chucky’s kills here were great, mainly the first one. Samantha dies in such an exaggerated way, and having even Chucky himself be impressed with it is the cherry on the cake.

Also, still talking about the deaths. Chucky says there are four to go, so he’s probably planning on a ritual or something big. If things keep going like this, we’ll already know by episode four, before the series stops for a while.

This episode has quite a few funny scenes. Besides Samantha’s death, we have Grant’s attempt to make friends at school and the genius that is Miss Fairchild teaching Devon and Jake about sex. 

It also gives us many opportunities for theories about the rest of the season. Firstly, Grant’s interest in conspiracies probably won’t be for nothing, so we’ll probably see him trying to get rid of Chucky too.

He also appears to catch on to things fast, as he already knows Henry probably thinks their brother Joseph is in the doll. Still on that, we might get our second evil child with Henry as he believes everything Chucky says. 

Also, how did Joseph die? Could Chucky be behind that as well? But we don’t have much information about when or how it happened, so we can’t say a lot. Anyway, we’re getting to see many cracks in the family’s relationship. The parents ignore Grant a little, James cheated on Charlotte, and Henry believes more in a doll than in anyone else. It’s probably something Chucky and the journalist from the first episode will use.

All in all, “Let the Right One In” is another decent episode with some strong scenes. It also makes an even better work of making us imagine what can happen in the future.

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