Chucky – Season 3 Episode 1 “Murder at 1600” Recap & Review

Murder at 1600

Chucky is in its third season already, and now our favorite killer doll has a new playground. The episode starts with a kid, Henry, hiding himself from an undetermined danger in his closet. When Charlotte, his mom, finds him, he tells her he’s afraid ghosts are haunting their house. She tries her best to calm him and puts him in bed again.

When Henry says Joseph protects him, that triggers something in his mom. However, she calms down when she sees he is referring to his doll (which is the opposite for us, who know that Joseph is actually Chucky). Charlotte puts Chucky in the bed too, and lets the boys sleep. That’s when the scene shows where they are: the White House. And, right at that moment, the power goes down.

Everyone there gets worried, and the security team says they must go downstairs to protect themselves. It’s here that we get the chance to know more of the characters that’ll be important throughout the season. James Collins, the father and US president, Hicks and Teddy, two security guards, and Grant, Henry’s brother.

Later, when everyone is in an elevator to go down, Chucky uses the darkness to hurt one of the guards. However, no one suspects anything, thinking the guard’s dog bit him.

The scene cuts, and we start to learn about our other protagonists. Jake is a kind of influencer, making a living talking about his artwork. But it’s also a way to learn if anyone has information on Chucky. Lexi is a TikTok creator (who clearly hates doing that), using her network to try and find her sister. Devon still works on his podcast dissecting everything that happens in Hackensack, but now with a bigger focus on Chucky.

In a press conference, we meet Gretchen, an inquisitive journalist trying to learn secrets about the White House and the new president, whose whole strategy is being completely transparent. Grant doesn’t like that side of his father, and mocks him while the family has lunch together. Henry says Joseph wants to go to the Oval Office, and his dad agrees to take the doll.

Henry is annoying to his classmates and has no friends, so Teddy tries to give him advice, although it flies over his head. However, it shows how much the kid likes Teddy, and vice-versa.

Back in the Oval Office, James arrives at this desk and finds Joseph (that is a name triggering to him too) sitting in his chair. He talks to his secretary to find out who put the doll there, but she doesn’t understand what he is trying to say. Also, the camera shows a missing knife at the table (an obvious sign Chucky is up to no good like always).

James puts Chucky in his son’s room when he arrives home. Henry’s still afraid of ghosts, so he asks Teddy to inspect his room first. The guard realizes Chucky has a knife, but it’s too late. The doll steals his weapon and shoots him. Of course, Chucky makes it look like Teddy killed himself, to cause more confusion.

Later, when James and Charlotte talk about the incident, we find out Henry lost a brother. That’s probably why the name Joseph is triggering, but we don’t have any confirmation yet.

Miss Fairchild is teaching Jake, Devon, and Lexi because she doesn’t want them to fall behind in their studies. However, they probably won’t have much time for that. After the events in the White House, James holds a funeral for Teddy, which is televised. Straightaway, the kids see what is happening on the TV and find Chucky in Henry’s arms. At the same time, Gretchen suspects there’s something else happening and tries to investigate it further.

The kids confidently say they must find a way to enter the White House, and the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Chucky is at its best when it’s extremely campy. The second season is the best example of that; we have many Chuckys running amok, each with their own personality, a guy having his heart punched out, and even an exorcism. As Season 3 Episode 1 is a little weak on the action and focuses on introducing all the new pieces, it doesn’t use any of those strengths.

However, it does a good job of laying the groundwork for the rest of the season. We already know most characters’ core aspects and desires and what might happen throughout the story. It’s also interesting to see how Jake and the others are trying to do something with their lives, but they still are “stuck” to Chucky.

In general, it’s a decent start. We also get a cool death scene and a sense that Chucky can toy with the White House all he wants. Surely, the rest of Season 3 will abuse its camp and nonsense to show us Chucky, and maybe even Lexi’s sister, ruining many lives.


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