Chucky – Season 1 Episode 2 “Give Me Something Good to Eat” Recap & Review

Give Me Something Good to Eat

Episode 2 of Chucky begins back on Halloween in 1965. Charles Lee Ray is still a child, long before his murderous doll days. However, that doesn’t stop him conducting some pretty gnarly tricks. Noticing something sharp sticking out of his apple, he takes a bite and a million viewers cringe and feel shivers through their gums. Yep, that was grim.

Fast forward to present day and Halloween is now falling on a full moon, as fate would have it. Naturally, Devon is convinced that everything is going to kick off in a big way.

It’s been a week since his father’s electrocution and Jake returns to school amid whispers and side-glances. Oliver catches up with him though, apologizing from before and inviting the guy along to a party on Halloween. It seems his talent show outburst has piqued the interest of some students, and Jake is encouraged to show with Chucky too.

One person who’s not happy to see him though is Lexy, who scoffs at the notion of Jake returning to school. Junior uncharacteristically sticks up for his cousin though, telling her that he’s been through a hard time.

Back home, Chucky continues to get up to no good, knocking over a glass vase on the floor while the maid is cleaning. Chucky, lusting for blood, appears to kick the maid in the back right as she’s about to empty the dishwasher, knocking her straight into upturned knives. It’s actually a really beautifully shot scene, especially when the camera shows Chucky’s reflection in the knife.

When the police show up, Detectives Sean and Kim start to exhibit concerns. Although the maid’s death has been classified as a “freak accident”, the fact that Jake was present at both murders throws up some big questions. It’s obvious the police have their eyes on them.

Upstairs, Jake speaks to Chucky, who admits that he’s doing his best to help and apparently wasn’t responsible for killing the maid. Only, we know from the reflection that he did.

Meanwhile, Caroline sketches Chucky and does a brilliant job with it. Her parents encourage their daughters to try and meet Chucky and Jake, although Lexy is not too thrilled with this idea. She even shrugs upon seeing the sketch and calls it hideous. However, her parents demand Lexy spend some time with her sister as she’s forced to tag along to this Halloween party.

That evening, Junior gets an Uber over to the party. Jake however, trundles downstairs with a black eye. Chucky is gone, out trick or treating, and subsequently finding where Oliver’s party is located. Jake, realizing this is where Chucky is likely to be, races off to the party as well.

Chucky is at the party, entertaining Caroline in the basement where they happen to play violent videogames together. “Killing’s good, clean fun for the whole family.” Chucky says, going on to suggest killing a whole host of people – including Lexy and her mother.

So naturally, Chucky goes hunting for Junior and Lexy after their game. Upstairs in the bedroom, Lexy wants to get busy but Junior is a little hesitant. Despite slicing the bed with numerous slashes, both kids manage to avoid a gruesome death.

Lexy gets dressed up in her outfit and heads downstairs – which just so happens to be an outfit depicting Jake’s father. It’s obviously cruel and although all the kids laugh at her feigned fit in the hallway, one person who isn’t laughing is Jake.

Our protagonist manages to grab Chucky before he can kill again and heads back home. “Kill the bitch before she kills you,” Chucky eventually says to Jake later that evening. Chucky uses Jake’s anger against him, encouraging the kids to hold a knife and get his revenge.

The Episode Review

Chucky returns this week with another solid episode, one that pays homage to the past with Chucky’s odes to his son and the rest of his twisted family. It would seem like we’re going to see Tiffany in the upcoming episodes too, especially if these references about him not killing the maid are anything to go by. And who was it on the phone to Jake during episode 1?

My money’s on it being Andy Barclay, the original poor kid who had to deal with Chucky in the first 3 Child’s Play movies. This would be a great way to bring the past and present together.

However, it would seem like Chucky is grooming Jake to be a killer, just like him, and the ending with the knife and prepared killings only reinforces that.

Of course, the show continues to slip in the twisted dark humour that made Child’s Play 2 and beyond so enjoyable. Seeing Chucky playing videogames with Caroline is absolutely hilarious and easily the highlight of the whole episode.

However, it would appear as if Lexy is going to meet a pretty gnarly end if the show’s projections are anything to go by, and that certainly looks set to be bad news for all involved. Either way, the ending leaves things wide open for where this one may go next.

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