Christmas Flow – Season 1 Episode 3 Finale: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Final Song

Following Lila’s article going live online, Christmas Flow leaves the hopes for our star-crossed haters to get together in doubt. Marcus though is not in the Christmas spirit and begins the episode playing damage control. He does an interview online, trying to talk his way out oft he plagiarism accusations – and promising not to see (or kiss) his Christmas stranger (Lila) again.

What happens to Lila and Marcus following the article?

Fast forward a year and it’s all change with Womenista. Unfortunately, Lila finds her article on sex workers shut down in favour of more topical Christmas issues – like 2 million influencers strong Mel. Mel is in the office too, much to Lila’s disdain, and remains determined to shake things up. In fact, she wants Marcus to be their headline act.

Marcus, as we soon find out, has a new album that’s on the cusp of being released. He’s not exactly happy about it, given he’s been forced to sell out somewhat and release a cheesy album that’s at odds with his bad-boy persona. With his track full of operatic singing and Christmas bells, he worries that it won’t be received well by the masses.

The only way out of that is to release a song earlier than this Christmas album – and that comes from taking to the recording studio and undermining Pascal’s authority. After patching things up with Verno, the guys formulate a plan to produce a new track.

What happens with Lila and Zack?

Lila meanwhile is currently shacked up with new boyfriend Zack, who’s invited along to Alice’s Christmas gig. Only, so too has Marcus. This obviously doesn’t go down well with either Marcus or Lila. As the article is brought up at dinner and everything looks set to kick off, it’s Jeanne who reveals that she published the article, not Lila. Ah yes, the good ol’ fashioned misunderstanding trope!

While Lila and Marcus start patching up their differences and making amends, Zack finds himself starting to get jealous. He even misses out on dancing with everyone else that evening too. As night turns to day, it becomes ever-more evident that Zack and Lila are growing apart. Looking at apartments together, Zack broaches the subject of Marcus. He’s unhappy about him being a part of her life. Lila also breaks the news that she doesn’t really want to move in with him, which sees the pair break up.

Do Lila and Marcus get back together?

Jeanne encourages Lila to head over to the youth center where she and Alice give a talk to a whole bunch of kids. Only, they notice Marcus heading upstairs for his secret song-jamming session and decide to follow. The kids inevitably follow too, leading to the kids all singing and bopping along, getting into the flow. However, what they weren’t banking on was Mel, who – after earlier being rejected by Marcus – quickly rings Pascal when she notices the singing going on. She immediately rats him out, telling Pascal that Marcus is working behind his back.

That evening, Lila and Marcus wind up sleeping together in the music room upstairs after kissing out in the street.

In the morning, Marcus awakens to news that Pascal has released the album early and, as a result, Marcus is going to be headlining Lila’s big work event. Of course, this leads to Lila and Marcus falling out, with the former unsure whether he can actually change and imploring him to be more assertive, and less like a victim.

Which party does Marcus choose to attend?

Pascal’s annoyance over Marcus’s betrayal is dampened somewhat by his album doing so well. With his career back on track, Pascal is all smiles. But Marcus isn’t. He’s never been a fan of this new direction from the start.

Meanwhile, Lila is thrown out of Womenista after refusing to comply with their ideas. Instead, she teams up with Alice and Jeanne, deciding to launch their own Simones’ Christmas do and get back to basics. They take to social media and the streets, working to promote their feminist party.

Unfortunately the party is a bust and unlike Womenista’s lavish gala and party, it all falls on Marcus to try and save the party. Wait hold on. So a party used to promote female strength and equality has to rely on a male to save the day? Hmm…

How does Christmas Flow end?

Marcus shows up at Lila’s big party, rocks the crowd and then sees his career skyrocket. Fast forward six months and Marcus is performing at a sell-out show. He brings MJ onto the stage and promises she’s the next big thing. Cue credits.

The Episode Review

Christmas Flow has lacked the flow necessary to be a holiday hit. The two leads have had barely any chemistry through the three episodes and worse, the show has squandered its run-time with a meandering and overlong run-time. This could easily have been a 90 minute movie and made all the stronger for it. Instead, we get this screenplay that gets bogged down in the details – and those details have serious flaws.

So to confirm, the feminist parties at the end both rely on a big, strong male to come along and save the day…while also promoting strong, independent females all-in for equal rights. Really? This whole message just seems completely backwards and to be honest, it discredits the great work done into shining a light on the strong females inhabiting this show.

To make matters worse, Christmas Flow feels very glossy and superficial toward promoting holiday cheer.¬†Lila is undoubtedly an enjoyable character to watch though so there is that, but unfortunately there’s just not enough in Christmas Flow to recommend.


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