Christmas Bloody Christmas (2022) Ending Explained – Does Tori survive Christmas Eve?

Christmas Bloody Christmas Ending Explained

Joining the long list of horror movies that are set during the festive season comes Christmas Bloody Christmas, a gory flick about a robot Santa that terrorises a young woman named Tori during one snowy Christmas Eve.

The machine is actually known as a RoboSanta and it has been made from military-grade materials. Similar robots are in existence, each one set up in various stores around the country, presumably to bring Christmas cheer and not festive fear to busy shoppers.

As we learn from a news report, a select few of these robot Santas have developed a fault, causing them to revert to their old defence department hardware. This has caused them to go on a rampage, which is why music store owner Tori finds herself having the worst Christmas of her life when one of them comes after her.

Does Tori survive her night of terror? Or does she fall prey to the killer Santa?┬áLet’s take a closer look at the movie:

What are Tori’s Christmas plans?

Tori’s plans didn’t involve running for her life on Christmas Eve. As she tells her friend Robbie, her plan was to meet a guy she met on Tinder for a night beneath the sheets!

But when Robbie gets a look at her Tinder date’s profile, he recognises him and tells Tori that he is a married man with a family. This is bad news for Tori as her alternative plan was to stay at home alone drinking whiskey and watching A Christmas Story.

However, a new plan is then put in place; one involving Tori and Robbie going out and celebrating Christmas together.

How do Tori and Robbie celebrate?

Tori and Robbie plan to get drunk at the local bar, which is what they later do. But on the way to the bar, they stop off at the local toy store, which is managed by their married friends Jay and Lahna.

They pop into the shop and have a drink with their besties while in the background stands the innocent-looking RoboSanta who is ho ho hoing and inviting people to come and sit on his lap.

Tori and Robbie don’t accept RoboSanta’s offer as they have a bar to get to and more alcohol to drink. But after they leave Jay and Lahna, RoboSanta awakens and proceeds to cause mayhem.

What happens at the toy store?

While Tori and Robbie enjoy a drink at the bar, Jay and Lahna decide to get up to some fun of their own. This fun is rather ‘naughty’ as the two are very horny but their night of pleasure swiftly comes to an end when RoboSanta attacks them with an axe.

When Tori and Robbie walk past the toy store after getting merry at the bar, they hear some kind of commotion inside. They assume the noise is coming from their friends having sex and have no idea that what they are actually hearing is the sound of their friends being murdered.

The two continue on their way, unaware that RoboSanta now has its mechanical eyes set on them.

Does Santa follow Tori and Robbie?

The next destination for Tori and Robbie is Tori’s home, which she shares with her sister Liddy and brother-in-law Mike. They get into Robbie’s car, which Tori thinks is unroadworthy. She has more to worry about than a bumpy ride home, however, as Santa is on their trail.

When they arrive at the house, Tori complains about the festive decorations on the house next door, which are brightly lit up and probably doing much to hike up the neighbour’s electricity bill.

Still, a high energy bill is the least of her neighbour’s problems as they are next to receive a visit from RoboSanta.

What happens next door?

Tori and Robbie head indoors and enjoy a few moments of passion while listening to very loud music. But they aren’t the only ones whose night heats up as there is action of a very different kind next door.

Instead of coming down the chimney, RoboSanta bursts through the neighbours’ door and proceeds to go on a murderous rampage. The man of the house is killed first with an axe to his back and a stomp of RoboSanta’s boot. His wife is next for the chop when RoboSanta breaks through the bathroom door like Jack Torrance from The Shining and introduces her to his axe.

Oblivious to their deaths is the couple’s son who, after seeing RoboSanta, asks him if he has delivered some good presents. He then proceeds to open his gifts, one of which contains (in his words) “stupid clothes.”

Unfortunately, he never gets the opportunity to open the rest of his pressies as he then becomes RoboSanta’s next victim!

Does Santa come for Tori?

Tori’s celebrations come to an end when she looks through her window and notices the carnage next door. She wakes up Liddy and Mike, and together with Robbie, the four of them hide in the dark, worried that RoboSanta might turn on them next.

Unsurprisingly, RoboSanta does make an entrance, this time through a window. Tori and Robbie manage to make it outdoors but Liddy and Mike are not so lucky as they become the next victims of the mechanical Santa.

Outside, Tori and Robbie get into the car but after Robbie starts to drive in a panic, he bumps into a car belonging to one of Tori’s neighbours. The neighbour is furious when he notices the damage to his vehicle and shouts at Tori and Robbie. His car isn’t the only one to receive damage, however, as Robbie’s windscreen also takes a hit…by the head of the angry neighbour who has been thrown through the car by the ferocious Santa!

Robbie tries to drive away but his night comes to an end when RoboSanta catches up with him and throws him out of the car. Robbie then gets an axe to the face, leaving Tori alone to face the rampaging Father Christmas.

Luckily, she isn’t by herself for long as a cop turns up. He shoots RoboSanta and the mechanical man falls to the ground.

Is Tori safe now?

Tori sits inside the police car with the cop and tells him the awe-wielding madman is the RoboSanta from the store. The cop is disbelieving of Tori’s story but shortly after, he comes to realise that what she is saying is true when the machine rises up from the ground and kills him with a shotgun.

Tori starts the car and manages to run over the robot. As she drives away, she then radios the police to tell them what has happened.

Unfortunately, when she manages to join up with two other police officers, who arrive in their car, she is treated like a guilty person because of her bloody appearance. She is handcuffed and taken to the police station by one of the officers while the other heads out into the night to investigate the massacre.

At the station, Tori is questioned by the Sheriff. Thankfully, he doesn’t believe she is guilty of the murders but before he has time to send her on her merry way, an ambulance arrives outside. Tori realises it’s RoboSanta behind the wheel and after letting the Sheriff know, she is given a gun to protect herself with.

Does Tori survive Christmas?

The Sheriff and his fellow officer are killed by RoboSanta when they venture outside for a showdown. Tori is now alone again, which is bad news for her as RoboSanta enters the station to hunt her down.

She hides under a desk but the hiding place is a poor one. As RoboSanta has no respect for furniture, it trashes the place and eventually finds Tori. It lifts her up by the head but before it can kill her, Tori reaches for a Taser and electrocutes the malevolent machine.

It drops to the ground and this gives Tori enough time to get to the ambulance. She gets in and drives away but unbeknownst to her, RoboSanta has managed to hitch a ride on the back of the vehicle. It makes its way through the back door and heads towards Tori. But when she realises its presence, she purposefully crashes into a parked car and causes RoboSanta to take a nosedive through the ambulance windshield.

Tori then use the ambulance to push a car onto RoboSanta. Now trapped, it seemingly has no way of getting to her. To finish it off for good, Tori sets fire to the car and causes it to explode.

Assuming RoboSanta is now a goner, she heads into her store, which is located nearby. She takes a much-needed breather but as RoboSanta has managed to resurrect itself, despite being a mechanical mess, she doesn’t have time to relax for long. It enters the store with its face ripped off, revealing eyes that can send out tracker beams which are used to locate Tori.

However, the quick-witted Tori grabs a sword from one of the store displays and pushes it through RoboSanta’s metal stomach. Sparks fly from its body and it seemingly stops functioning. Tori thinks she has finally overpowered it but she’s proven wrong when it whirs back into life, grabs its axe and comes after her again.

This time, Tori sets a litter bin on fire and throws it at RoboSanta. It falls to the ground but it’s not out for the count yet. Despite having lost the ability to use its legs, it manages to pursue Tori by crawling along the floor. RoboSanta grabs her leg but when a shelf falls onto its body, Tori has time to hook the mechanical maniac up to the electrics. RoboSanta is then blown up into lots of little pieces, which basically means it is now dead Or so we assume!

Tori exits the shop and falls onto the ground, either laughing or crying (it’s hard to tell which). She has survived Christmas Eve in one piece, unlike poor RoboSanta. Presumably, Christmas Day was a lot less eventful for her but unless we get a sequel, we will never know for sure!

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