Chosen – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

You Still Want Everything to Be About You

What are Emma’s origins? Who is she?

Episode 6 of Chosen begins at the supermarket, with Emma shocked that her mother is part of the conspiracy. From the other side of the conversation though, Lykke and Susan discuss the barn and how Emma was there the previous night. They’re worried that Emma is going to expose them all.

Emma feels betrayed and heads home, confronting her mum about this surprise turn of events. It turns out Emma’s biological mum is actually dead and Emma was given to Lykke to look after as a baby. Realizing her whole life has been a lie, Emma begins to spiral.

What happens at the warehouse?

At the warehouse, Lukas is nowhere to be found. Instead, armed guards show up along with Emma’s boss from Astraeus. Emma is arrested but on her way out, bodies begin to fall from the roof… played to joyful, uplifting music. Really? Talk about a tonally discordant scene.

Anyway, each of the men and women are killed by Lukas, who’s bloodstained and left an absolute massacre in his wake. Emma’s reaction? Completely nonchalant. She notices Mads sitting in his car, scared, but she ignores him and instead gets back in the car with this mass-murderer and doesn’t even bat an eyelid.

Thomas shows up at the crime scene, where Mads is still in his car, shocked. Thomas encourages him to keep his head in the game, and tasks the kid with tracking down Emma. He rings Frederik, who actually covers for Emma and claims she’s not there. She is though, as we find out,  and convinces him to help cover her tracks.

Frederik serves as a decoy, tricking Mads while she manages to slip away, heading to Mamma Thai’s restaurant. There, she meets Adrian who confirms that Lykke is using the “Mom veto.”

What are the aliens doing on Earth? What is their end-game?

Adrian eventually divulges the truth. Now, it turns out it was a spaceship that arrived 17 years back, not a meteor. These aliens left their planet, fleeing those who wanted to kill them. They traveled through space, looking for somewhere where the inhabitants looked the same as them. And wouldn’t you know, it out of all the possibilities of lifeforms, they stumble upon humans.

Emma’s biological mother actually died whilst giving birth, but Lykke was there to help deliver her. Hans was there too and helped Lykke give up her old identity and become Emma’s mother. So that means Emma is one of them. This could also go some way to explain her emotionless reaction to most of the traumatic things that have happened to her.

Now, the plan here is for the aliens to leave the planet and return home when the war is over. That signal we’ve been hearing seems to be a clue that the war is over. Only…it’s actually a trick. The signal has originated on Earth. Not only that, it seems Lukas is actually the real villain here. I don’t know about you guys but I never suspected the mass murderer as the one who’s the villain in all of this.

What happens to Emma’s mum?

Emma eventually returns home to find her Mum has been killed, and Lukas is there waiting for her. He grabs Emma by the throat and demands to know who she is. Emma does manage to get away, but as Astraeus show up at her door, they head inside and begin shooting at Lukas.

Emma meanwhile, rushes away across the train tracks and into the wilderness. She suddenly stops in her tracks though when she finds that strange orb, much bigger and hovering in the sky. Emma stops and watches as all these aliens – including Adrian – encourage her to hurry up and join them.

How does Chosen end?

As she steps forward, Adrian tells her that there are others and she needs to find them. And just like that, the orb disintegrates and Lukas appears, breaking Adrian’s neck.

As Emma runs away, the sky turns purple and she ends up in that same strange world we saw her in when talking to Adrian.

The Episode Review

So Chosen bows out with an open conclusion that doesn’t really explain anything. The characters have been utterly forgettable in this and Emma, despite being the “chosen one” of sorts at the end, is a pretty unlikable protagonist and hard to get behind.

The way she’s played both Marie and Frederik are not exactly glowing recommendations for a compelling protagonist. And what of Mads? After being so determined to stick it to “the man” and find out the truth, he just decides to work with Astraeus. That’s before mentioning Marie throwing the hard drive in the water with little explanation or ramifications for her actions.

And is anyone actually surprised to find out Lukas is thee real killer here? He’s been the most unnerving and alien character out the bunch and the fact he just so casually kills people while Emma doesn’t even bat an eyelid is telling unto itself.

This has been a disappointing teen drama if I’m honest and the illogical story beats and issues have only been made worse by the lack of consistency with the characters. Whether there will be a big enough audience willing to overlook this and jump into a second season is anyone’s guess but based on this showing, if it is green-lit, this one needs to improve drastically.

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