Chosen – Season 1 Episode 5 “You Hold It With Your Fingers” Recap & Review

You Hold It With Your Fingers

Episode 5 of Chosen begins in the past with Emma’s mum given a new identity. She’d granted the name of Lykke and with papers in hand, she heads off to make a new life for herself.

In the present, Emma learns that this small orb is linked to a spaceship. In order to uncover more of the truth, Lukas urges Emma to drive him up to the sawmill. He wants to get a look at whatever is being hidden there. However, when they arrive the barn is completely empty.

It appears these mysterious men and women have moved everything and in doing so, it also makes the orb completely useless. Crushing it with his hand, Lukas turns the orb to dust and presses on with the next step. They’re going to try and track them down but Lukas wants to do this alone. He’s determined to stop them, knowing this extraterrestrial threat needs to be contained before it wipes out everyone.

To try and make amends, Emma picks up a couple of drinks and heads back to base. It’s worth watching the bottles on the table though, as the continuity of these shots is…well, terrible. The two bottles sporadically move about and Emma’s drink (along with Mads laptop) just disappear or reappear.

Anyway, the aim of this is not actually to make peace but to get access to Mads’ laptop, which shady Emma does by spilling said drink over Mads. With Elvis distracted with him, Emma slip[s away with Mads’ hard drive which is full  of all the incriminating information he’s found on Astraeus.

On the way out the door, Emma runs into Marie. Straight-faced, Emma claims they have something together and wants to start over. Only, when Frederik shows up it throws that idea straight out the window.

Deceptive Emma eventually heads back to see Lukas, handing him Mads’ hard drive. One of the men Mads has been watching is a guy called John Dinckler, who just so happens to be the man she noticed at the warehouse.

Mads is convinced that Emma is working with Astraeus and heads to the shipping dock to confront Thomas. It turns out he’s hiding… nothing, as it seems. The locked warehouse room is just another dead end, unless everything has been moved of course. Mads is upset, and livid that his whole operation has been destroyed. In his rage, he pushes all of his friends away and tells them to leave.

Meanwhile, Emma and Lukas head off together to find John. They do manage to uncover his camper van, where the pair lie and claim they’re family members. With this info, they’re given access and begin looking around. Emma does manage to find a prescription but beyond that, there’s not much more to go on.

Only, wouldn’t you know it, John Dinckler just so happens to walk past the diner they’re both eating in. What are the odds, eh? While Lukas heads outside to confront him, Marie appears and talks to Emma. She doesn’t even bat an eyelid to the fact there are two glasses on the table. While she’s distracted buying a drink, Emma slips outside. There, she finds Lukas and another man lying on the floor.

Lukas has a shard of glass wedged in his side while the other man is lying face-down on the floor, dead after an earlier skirmish. In their absence, Marie grab her bag and heads outside. Only, Emma is gone.

Emma brings Lukas back home and uses bright lights to try and help restore his energy. He’s in a rough state and while Emma leaves him in her room, she takes a bath to mull things over, cradling a bottle of pills. Now, it turns out the pills she’s taking have a link to John’s prescriptions, bringing her back to Susan again.

Thomas eventually does reach out to Mads again and brings him back to the shipping docks, where he reveals all. Astraeus are a company founded to look for extraterrestrial life. They want to be the link between space and earth.

Given all the work he’s uncovered, Thomas is impressed and believes his hard drive would be crucial for Astraeus’ research. Only, that also means he needs his work to make it possible. And of course, that brings him after Emma.

Ringing Marie too let her know his intentions, Mads remains determined to get at Emma. Only, she doesn’t have it – Marie does! She opens her bag to reveal she’s taken it from her.

As the episode comes to a close, Marie checks through the hard drive and eventually decides to throw it away. She heads out to the dock and launches it into the lake. There’s no way of using it now. Unless she made a back-up copy of course!

Emma bides her time and breaks into Susan’s clinic. Thanks to Lukas’ abilities, he opens the door from the inside. Going on alone, Emma uncovers numerous vials inside the fridge. After taking several for herself, she stages a break-in. The samples appear to be the blood of Hans and several other deceased people too.

When Susan returns to the clinic and immediately drives to the supermarket, Lukas and Emma decide to tail her. Together, they watch her head to the supermarket and seemingly conspire with… Emma’s mum. Is she one of them?

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode of Chosen sees more answers to our pressing questions, with it revealed that Susan is one of the ringleaders of this whole affair. It would appear that the strange orb thing is the parasite we’ve heard about and responsible for potentially controlling different people. Lukas is presumably out to stop that threat, which explains why he killed Hans, but it’s also unknown how everything fits together right now.

The characters in this show have been pretty poorly written if I’m honest and there’s nothing to Emma’s character or persona to make her a likable protagonist. She even jokes about how boring it is not to lie, knowing full well that she’s lying to her friends.

The weak love triangle between her, Frederik and Marie just doesn’t work and ironically, Marie is the most compelling character out the bunch. It’s a shame she wasn’t made the main character instead here.

Everything is prepped for a dramatic final episode but given how much we still don’t know, I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends on the dreaded Netflix cliffhanger.

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