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Out of all the elements in Chocolate I thought I’d be returning to over and over again, I never thought it would be the soundtrack. I’ve played it so often while colouring with my daughter that she sings along to Always Be Here and Just Look For You now. If there’s one thing that’s been consistent with this one, it’s been the music. In terms of the drama itself though, Chocolate has felt like it’s slammed on the brakes in the past few episodes but here we see the bubbling familial emotions spill over in the worst possible way for our two half-brothers, adding some heartbreaking scenes and solid foundations for the final episodes ahead.

Episode 11 of Chocolate begins with Lee Kang arriving at the Director’s office and finding Seun-Hun inside. After he berates the Director for his methods, Kwon leaves the two alone where they discuss his paternal results. Unfortunately this sees him takes his anger out on Lee Jun for being, as he refers to him, a “hot mess”. Given his marriage is falling apart too, it’s a tough blow to take and unfortunately poor Lee Jun happens to be in the firing line.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Cha Young tries to cook but the echoes of her sensory issues continue to haunt her. Speaking of haunting, while she remains in the kitchen, Kang heads out with Min-Yong and they discuss his issues, leading him back into the office where he sighs in exasperation.

Back in the kitchen, Cha Young teaches Michael’s Mum to cook. As she does, Yeong-Sil arrives to check on them while outside, a distraught Ye-Sol returns and confronts a confused Seon-Ae. Realizing that she’s messed up, she races back into the kitchen and phones her replacement, while Cha-Young continues to taste foods in the hope she gets her taste back. As she does, Seon-Ae tells Cha-Young she needs to leave and expand her culinary pursuits, unbeknownst to her that Cha has issues of her own.

With the food cooked, Susan, Michael’s birth-Mother and Yeong-Sil all share the food together, with the latter mis-translating words purposefully to save her feelings. As the truth is finally revealed, Michael’s birth-Mother lets all her sadness and anger out as Michael’s brother arrives and starts asking about money. However, her thoughts have changed after the meal and it causes her to chase him off with a broom.

Later that night, Lee Jun receives a message from his Mother regarding taking over the family business. As he does, he looks briefly in the car opposite and the lingering glance from Kang causes him to race off. As he does, Cha Young leaves the hospice and contemplates what to do, as Lee Jun watches her leave and decides to follow her. She sits alone in a restaurant intent on trying something spicy and after leaving, Lee Jun eventually makes himself known to her in a chocolate shop, where she admits she can’t appreciate any tastes right now.

As they sit together, she tells Lee Jun about the time she had chocolate in the department store. The woman who gave it to her handed it over as her son liked chocolate. That son of course, being Lee Kang.

Back home, Kang sits with Chairwoman Han and they share food together, much to the annoyance of Hye-Mi when she returns home. As she spies from afar, she watches as she and Kang eat food together, savouring the flavour. Outside though, he winds up face to face with Lee Jun where he learns the truth about his Mother and how she was going to get him chocolate.

We then cut back to 1995, with Jun being asked not to hate his brother too much given he’ll be leaving soon. As the past starts to come together, Kang finds himself conflicted over what to do given what he knows about his Mother. While he leaves, Hye-Mi confronts Chairman Han and throws some home truths about the family and the blood line to her. She stares her square in the face while she clutches her chest, demanding Han choose Jun as the successor for the company. Unbeknownst to her however, he stands watching in wide-eyed disbelief the other side of the screen.

Back at the hospice, Cha waits for Kang and thanks him for everything, admitting she’s going to quit her job. Before she does, Kang requests she make him one final dish. In the kitchen they wind up close together as she puts his apron on, avoiding each other’s gazes as she does. Midway through cooking, Kang asks if she’s going back to Greece before apologizing again as silence consumes the room. Eventually she asks him to leave, given how uncomfortable he feels and it’s here he receives a call from Jeong-Bok, his neighbour back in Wando, who tells him his Uncle died.

That Uncle, as it turns out, was the fisherman we saw in the first episode when he was a child. Silently, he hurries out the room intent on getting to Wando as quickly as possible. Only, given he’s had something to drink he’s not really in a fit state to drive so Seo-Yeon decides to drive him there, while Chairman Han is rushed to hospital with heart issues where we leave things hanging in the balance. 

What a frustrating situation for Kang and Jun to be in. Break-ups can be messy, horrible things and at the heart of this are the two brothers who unfortunately find themselves catching the full brunt of this situation. Added to the issues Cha Young is facing, Chocolate is one poignant, heartbreaking drama. I’m really enjoying this one though and although the scenery itself is contained to a few locations, the show has managed to throw enough twists and turns in this to keep things interesting. Also, I love the soundtrack too and no doubt I’ll end up reviewing that when this one finishes. Between this and Crash Landing On You, 2020 is starting out brightly with its Korean drama line-up!


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