Chimera – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Who is the real Chimera killer?

Episode 7 of Chimera begins with Jae-hwan and Eugene discussing just what the Chimera Killer’s ties to Sang-Woo may be. Eugene deduces that it could well be revenge for his death. It also appears that someone manipulated the statements and changed the cause of death.

The trouble is, there’s a lot of people involved with the investigation team. Ju-Seok, Chief Bae or any other team member could all potentially be involved. For now, Jae-Hwan tells Eugene to keep this between themselves.

Meanwhile, Chief Bae receives word that Yong-Bok has been taken to hospital with chemical burns. After receiving that parcel bomb last episode with the poisoned book, he’s in a rough way. And worse, the hospital they wanted to go to is completely full up. Tellingly, there’s also a lighter at the crime scene too, leaving no illusions over who’s responsible.

Off the back of this, Gwang-Soo organizes traffic and splits the team up to investigate further. Jae-Hwan takes Gwang-Soo aside though and admits that Yong-Bok was part of the investigative team 35 years ago. These serial murders started back then of course, but specifically with Sang-Woo’s alleged suicide.

Yong-Bok is eventually taken into hospital but he’s in a rough way, with burns all over his body. “He came back alive,” He rasps when he awakens, revealing that the Chimera killer is back.

As news of the chemical attack spreads, Hyo-Kyung and the other reporters are tasked with airing a special regarding the Chimera case. Hyo-Kyung is told in confidence though that she needs to miss out details surrounding Seoryun and the Evergreen incident too. Both of these would result in them losing advertisement opportunities. Hmm, this seems very suspect.

Another interesting development in the case reveals more about the chemical used on the book. It’s white phosphorous, which is very difficult for civilians to get hold of. It seems like the killer may well have access to military-level clearance but quite who this may be remains a mystery.

One very shifty character though is Sang-Goo, who watches the news at home with his frightened mother. He comments how it’s a mess and acts pretty shifty. His job also connects him to chemicals, and as fate would have it, he’s the port of call for Jae-Hwan when he comes sniffing around.

On the sale notes, Sang-Goo actually bought white phosphorous the previous month but Professor Kwon Ji-Wook was the one who took it. A stack of books on his desk raise more red flags too, with fire science technology and other hardbacks a hint that he could be the killer.

Meanwhile, Joong-Yeop and Eugene talk after the latter’s lecture about chemical reactions. She calls him out for visiting Yong-Bok. He’s definitely not making a great case for himself but claims that it was just a friendly chat. Ther CCTV footage from the incident though shows otherwise.

Joong-Yeop is seen on CCTV with Yong-Bok, manhandling him. Chief Bae sees this and immediately approaches Chairman Seo, believing that he’s the Chimera killer and that they should get him arrested. Bae is obviously riled up and he’s told to keep his emotion in check. Instead, Seo decides to meet with Joong-Yeop himself and figure out if he’s really the killer.

During the dinner, further details are revealed. It turns out Joong-Yeop’s father actually worked in a chemical factory but the man was mistreated during his job. This certainly gives him a motive to go after those who have wronged him.

Joong-Yeop also has quite the grudge with Yong-Bok, as we’ve seen from the past, and after this dinner he shows up at the hospital and confronts the bandaged victim “Please forgive me, I am sorry,” He rasps, as Joong-Yeop stands over him.

Jae-Hwan meets with Eugene, where the pair dive into Joong-Yeop’s past and try to work out what his familial ties are. This brings them to the name Tae-Young. In turn, that leads the pair to the orphanage where Tae-Young was taken in. Only, the records state that he died of pneumonia in 1984.

This obviously isn’t true though and Jae-Hwan knows it. He visits Joong-Yeop and speaks in third person, revealing that there are people out their fighting for the truth and to figure out what really happened to him. Joong-Yeop eventually breaks the news to him that he is Tae-Young. He took Joong-Yeop’s identity for himself.

Meanwhile, Sang-Goo makes a massive statement, blowing up the new Seoryun headquarters through some water dispenser bottle. As the place ignites with flames, Sang-Goo rings the police and calls himself out for being the chimera killer, laughing hysterically.

The Episode Review

Chimera continues to deliver an enthralling cocktail of drama, mystery and thrills as this OCN gem continues to deliver a compelling story. The touching ending with Joong-Yeop and Jae-Hwan’s big statement is a really nice way of bring the characters together after so much speculation over his past.

It also seems way too obvious for Joong-Yeop to be the chimera killer, although the ending with Sang-Goo also throws up a possible second red herring.

However, the show also throws shade at Jae-Hwan’s mum too. Why did she perk up after hearing “fenian fire”? That’s definitely a red flag but I’m sure we’ll find out more in the upcoming episodes.

Either way though, the ending to this episode throws massive question marks over what’s going to happen next and thankfully we don’t have to wait too long to find out!

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