Chiefland – Quiet Confidence | Album Review

Track Listing

Your Escape
Quiet Confidence
Pretty Good Run
Locked Up In My Head
Every Creature Dies Alon…
Familiar Skies
Feel You Still


Chiefland embark even more on their full length. The German act provide a melodic sound, a sound which offers well-crafted instrumentals and sincere lyricism, that keeps the interest intact. The album doesn’t batter on, or let loose a louder frequency, its a subtle record, with moments of tenderness, moments of reflection, and the tiny details are so relevant here, as well as the big ones.

Sadness rushes thoroughly too, and the band desire to eradicate it from their world but it lingers on. Love becomes a topic which seems to be heavily misconstrued, but it is there in the lyrics.

The band are masters at creating lyrical gems. The words are sad but poetic, and they’re beneficial to the construction of Quiet Confidence, and they’re components of rare genius.

The band just know how to design big moments within the confines of a song, they know how to stretch their lyrical forays to the limits. It’s a rarity these days when a band gets everything right, and it may sound audacious but for some this will be the perfect record, as it’s sublime in its output, as well as being story driven.

‘Your Escape’ starts the record. The guitar riff complements the sincere vocals and the words are so poetic, they should be placed in a book of rhythm and craft. ‘Peak’ opens slowly and the vocals again are subtle, with those instrumentals acting as a great carrier. The story goes on perfectly, even if it’s sombre.

‘Familiar Skies’ is guitar driven but it isn’t loud, and it keeps the momentum going. The drumbeat acts as a base for the empowering vocal work.

Chiefland deliver their full length with astuteness and great verve. The sadness will always be commonplace, and the sincerity will always be interwoven.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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