Chiefland – Clarity | Album Review

Track Listing

Your Escape
Pretty Good Run


It’s all about evolving. And German band Chiefland certainly do this on their EP Clarity. The pop punk elements soar, and the rock charms have been instilled well, blending in with the sadness which bares its soul. This act does not fade at any moment, though the themes are drenched in deep sorrow.

Wicked games are explored, hope begins to fray, and the lyrics convey a sense of impending doom. And yet, when it all seems to be bright, the darkness floods in.

Escaping the clutches is a struggle, and the past starts to haunt this band. Throughout the EP, melancholy hits, bearing down, and love departs every soul. It’s a beautiful record though, even when the gloom embeds every crevice and every part, even when the world weighs down on the shoulders, and there’s no sweet horizon.

The music has been painstakingly developed with a deep understanding. These musicians all know their talents, and the big choruses and profound lyricism are what make Clarity a special EP.

Opening track ‘Clarity’ hits with expert percussion, and the vocals don’t feel jaded or out of sync at any moment. They flourish when the chorus comes in. Lyrically, it’s a stark portrayal.

‘Superglue’ goes along the same lines, and the guitar wonderment keeps on wowing, with the vocal work perfectly implemented. Love is broken here.

‘Your Escape’ seems more upbeat than previous songs, although the lyrics are still laden with harsh viewpoints. The beat arrests, and the chorus bursts with intensity. It’s another sad song, complete in its execution.

Ultimately though, Chiefland delivers a somewhat bleak assessment of the world and their lives. Though it is sombre, it still is a quality listen.

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  • Verdict - 9/10

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