Cherry Magic (2023) – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Cherry Magic begins with Karan offering to stay in a hotel. Achi says they can talk about it the next day. But he gets dizzy and Karan puts him to bed. An asleep Achi holds his hand. The next morning, he is touched to see Karan sit beside him all night.

As they head to work, a neighbouring lady scolds Achi for being clumsy and an average worker. Karan hypes Achi up and says he doesn’t take credit which impresses her. As they take a ferry to work, Karan sings in his head and finds the journey romantic. He wants a keepsake and Achi gives him his ticket. He then takes him to his favourite street stalls and Karan feels special.

Achi is not uncomfortable with him anymore and offers him to stay at his place longer. Of course, Karan starts imagining their life together as a married couple, dressing each other and sharing food. Achi is shocked by his wild imagination.

Jinta watches Min’s practice videos secretly when he comes over with a delivery. Jinta pretends to be busy with work and Min decides not to invite him to his practice. Jinta gets annoyed with himself for his work excuse.

Karan’s imagination makes Achi uncomfortable and he once again tries to avoid him. Rock comes to his rescue unintentionally as he invites himself over to Achi’s place.

Jinta shows up at the indoor space and secretly records Min. The boys catch him and he pretends to do research. They make fun of his age and to look cool he ends up in a dance battle with them. He tries to impress Min but ends up hitting his head.

At home, Rock makes his special dish and feeds Achi. Karan gets jealous and jumps in to cook the rest of the meal. Achi mind reads Karan who wants to be complimented as well and is amused by his jealousy. Rock starts singing and reveals he was in a boy group. They quit because they were bored. Achi mindreads Rock’s real thoughts – they worked hard but could never debut and so he had to give up.

As they clean up, Achi worries for Rock. Karan stops him and holds his hand. He thinks he is a bad person for being jealous that Achi is worrying about someone else. 

It gets worse in the morning as the ferry is full and Karan is forced to take the next one. At work, Pai needs a writer for a new ad and Achi calls Jinta. Karan finally reaches the office and Rock shares how they went to Achi’s favourite food stalls. Karan feels sad for thinking he was special for being taken to the stalls.

As for Jinta, he cannot find a driver but Min suddenly shows up. He fixes Jinta’s hair to hide the bump and even gives him a ride to the office.

Karan wants to talk to Achi but Jinta shows up. The ad goes well and they wrap up quickly. Outside, Jinta and Achi talk about Min who is waiting to pick him up. They start talking telepathically and enact how Jinta should hug Min on the bike. A jealous Karan misunderstands and separates them. 

On an errand, Achi sees Min waiting outside and takes him upstairs. Rock runs into them and it gets awkward as they used to be friends in Uni. Min runs outside and Jinta follows him. Turns out, Rock was in the same boy band as Min. He didn’t think he could make it so he applied for jobs. He didn’t know how to explain it so he just stopped talking to them. He feels miserable and Pai tells him to apologise to Min.

Outside, Min thinks that Rock does not want to be friends with them. He also feels he should have gotten a job like Rock. But having seen his practice videos, Jinta knows he chose the best path and comforts him. Rock shows and profusely apologises for abandoning him. Min confesses that he was angry only because Rock never told him.

He shares that he would have supported him if he had wanted to leave the band. Rock is touched and they hug. Min jokes that he just regrets not dancing with him one last time. Achi comes up with an idea and gets the ad crew to film them dancing together. Everyone joins in and Karan watches them from outside.

After work, Rock thanks Pai for helping him. She believes he will be successful and promises to support him. As Min and Jinta get ready to leave the writer gets nervous. Min makes him hold his waist and thinks Jinta is cool for comforting him. Jinta is delighted but Min starts teasing him for watching his practice videos.

Elsewhere, a delighted Achi is accompanied by a sulking Karan as they head home. Achi sits in the boat but Karan doesn’t join him. At the end of Cherry Magic Episode 5, Karan tells Achi that he likes him.

The Episode Review

Karan’s just a little delulu boy and his sulking throughout Cherry Magic Episode 5 was adorable. Guess the cool guys can also become simps when they get a crush. Spotify play Jealousy… His misunderstanding of Jinta and Achi’s friendship as they hug each other was so embarrassing as well. We need more of pathetic lover boy. By the way, CAN KARAN READ MINDS TOO? That would be a plot twist. Why did he suddenly hold Achi’s arm after dinner? 

Jinta and Min’s relationship is finally developing. Thank goodness we got some idea of how old Min is otherwise it would have been too strange as he looks 15. Since it is after university, he most probably is 22 or 23 like Rock. Oh and Min and Rock’s friendship is extremely cute as well. Hope we get more of that in the coming episodes. 

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