Cherry Magic (2023) – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Songkran Festival

Episode 4 of Cherry Magic begins with Min being kind to Jinta who gets awkward. His heart races as Min says he smells nice. Rock brings food for Pai and everyone thinks he is going to confess. He simply says she is cool and he looks up to her.

Karan is in trouble with their top client and Achi wants to help. He mindreads the client being hangry and gets Duj to cook her specialty. As Tanaka and Karan brainstorm, Achi gives his two cents on how to keep the client on board and they are impressed. He is to help Karan during the Songkran festival with the project and Achi is excited that he finally gets to grow and learn.

Pai tries to help and he mindreads that she finds him cute. She brings him snacks at the same time Karan does and he gets overwhelmed. He runs off and hides. He realises that he doesn’t get excited when thinking about Pai but his heart beats faster when he thinks of Karan.

Min has been absent and Jinta unknowingly misses him. He heads to an indoor sports centre and runs into him. He is surprised to see that Min likes dancing and his dream is to debut as an idol. The day before the festival, Achi sees a girl hugging Karan. He looks sad as he thinks she is Karan’s girlfriend. 

The next day, he feels sick and texts Karan but immediately unsends the message. Jinta shows up and wonders why Achi looks heartbroken. He refuses to tell him and they end up mindreading each other. Jinta tries to cheer him up through telepathy and they find it amusing. A messy Karan shows up and Jinta runs off. 

Turns out, Karan read the message before Achi unsent it. Even though the people playing on the streets made it difficult for him, he made it to Achi’s place. Achi simps over him as he cleans himself up but then gets confused as to why Karan still cares for him if he has a new girlfriend. 

Jinta is trying to work at a restaurant when Min shows up for an order. He orders food for him so he can sit with him and Min is touched. Jinta promises to be his first fan and Min finds him cute. As he leaves, Jinta thinks he has fallen for him.

The next day, Karan continues to take care of Achi as they work. Achi keeps mindreading that Karan is happy with the time they’ve been spending together. Achi comes up with unconventional ideas but Karan makes them work. They write each other’s name on the proposal and then lock eyes. The pen they are pitching also has a heart rate detector and Achi’s goes through the roof.

At that moment, Pai, Duj and Rock show up to give them company. As they play around, Karan puts flour on Achi’s face. Pai screams and runs off. They go after her but Achi mindreads that she simply ships Karan and Achi together and was delighted by the moment they shared. He is relieved that it is not a crush but he suddenly sees the girl from earlier show up.

He blacks out only to wake up at home with Karan fretting over me. The girl turns out to be Karan’s sister. She is moving into his condo and tells them to live together till she can sort out her situation. Achi panics while Karan looks apologetic but happy at the end of Cherry Magic Episode 4.

The Episode Review

Cherry Magic Episode 4 keeps up the fluff and wholesome moments between the friends as well as the would-be couples. Achi is such a drama queen from jumping to conclusions with a single incident to fainting on seeing the sister, that was so hilarious. Not once has Karan wavered from his thoughts and affection for Achi, we all need someone like him. 

The friendship between all the characters is also coming to the forefront and hope we get to see more of that in the coming episodes. Jinta and Achi’s mindreading conversation was so clever and funny to watch. So was the revelation when Pai fangirls over Karan and Achi. Duj is another iconic character and we need more of her.

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