Cherry Magic (2023) – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The Date

Episode 2 of Cherry Magic begins with Achi thinking he is safe thanks to his mind-reading powers. It just ends up revealing that Karan too likes reading the same manga and while he is embarrassed, Achi finds it cute. However, the progress is ruined when he learns Karan got him customised pyjamas. He pretends to sleep but that worsens things as he thinks Karan is going to kiss him. However, the guy just bids him good night.

The next morning, Achi sees him in a new light as he mind reads that Karan has been practising how to make the perfect breakfast for him. Later, at work, Karan sneakily sees to it that they are wearing matching ties and Achi is flustered as Duj jokes that they look like a couple.

Later, Achi overhears Pai scolding Rock for leaving before his work was done. Achi tries to comfort him and learns that Rock’s girlfriend broke up with him. She only loved being loved and never returned his feelings. Achi realises the irony as he is in the same situation with Karan.

Later, Karan tries to give him a mosquito repellant spray for an upcoming trip but Achi cannot think of a way to turn him down without being rude. Mr. Tanaka interrupts and for their overtime, gifts them meal vouchers. Karan is over the moon as he finally gets to go on a date with his crush. On mind reading this, Achi panics and curtly refuses. 

Meanwhile, Jinta has writer’s block and is talking to the stray cat he has adopted when Min the delivery boy shows up. They bicker as Jinta tries to discipline him and Min snaps back. Jinta is distracted by Achi who calls him out for a meal and reveals he feels guilty about leading Karan on. Jinta tells him to act normal.

As they leave, Achi gifts Jinta a pen as it is his 30th birthday. The next morning, Min shows up again and has a package for him. Their hands touch and Jinta hears his thoughts as Min calls him a weird and lonely uncle. Jinta is shocked and even touches the cat whose mind he is able to read.

At lunch, Duj invites Karan to their table and tries to strike up a conversation. Achi keeps interrupting and talking about work but Karan doesn’t mind. Karan leaves early that day and Achi misses his help as he messes up some files. However, outside, he spots Karan who takes him out for dinner in the guise of a work-related discussion.

At dinner, Achi mind-reads that Karan wants to ask him out directly but doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable. He doesn’t mind if they remain colleagues and Achi feels bad and apologises. Their co-workers pop up from upstairs as there is a company dinner going on and the two are forced to join them. Karan is upset as he thinks Achi will be uncomfortable. He is also annoyed as his date is ruined and Achi is amused. 

Mr. Tanaka suggests a numbers-dare game and it is going great till someone suggests that those who have the numbers 6 and 9 have to kiss. Of course, it is Achi and Karan who just kisses Achi on the forehead and heads out. Achi follows him out and mind-reads that Karan is upset that he made Achi get into an uncomfortable situation.

Achi assures him that he was not uncomfortable, he has simply never kissed anyone. It is not that he didn’t want to kiss Karan. On hearing this, Karan lights up and asks if Achi is sure as he leans in to kiss him at the end of Cherry Magic episode 2.

The Episode Review

Cherry Magic episode 2 seems to be even better than the premiere. While it is goofy and love-dovey, it is also complex and realistic. However much we like Achi, he is still flawed and despite realising that he is unintentionally using Karan, he still continues to use him. He only thinks of him as a means of convenience when he misses Karan’s help.

Tay has a tough job as Karan who is supposed to look cool while he silently pines after Achi. However, apart from Achi’s monologues, we can now also gauge Karan’s feelings just from his expressions, a testament to Tay’s acting. While a lot is being said, true feelings are being revealed through expressions and movements.

The same goes for New as Achi. Yes, we can more or less hear what he thinks, but he has these subtle quirks that give off more than what he consciously thinks and shows. But the charm of his panicking and the internal monologues remain as they are super hilarious and entertaining.

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