Check Out The Event – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Love Triangle?

Episode 2 of Check Out the Event begins in the past, with us taking a look at the origin story of Do-Gyeom and Song-Yi. Do-Gyeom sits outside and plays the guitar, busking, while Song-Yi shows up with some flowers.The pair get on well, although the flowers ironically begin withering after several years. So, what is the real reason these two broke up? Well, I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

Anyway, back in the present Do-Gyeom and Song-Yi head out together for their bike ride. As they do, Do-Gyeom comments on how poorly she’s pedaling. The pair do eventually make it to their destination but they clearly have a lot of issues to work through. Anyway, they eventually stand a little closer for the obligatory photo, although Ji-Kang’s interjection only annoys Do-Gyeom further.

After photos, Song-Yi confidently steps up as the guide as our group are shown around the woods. Song-Yi is still not happy though, believing Do-Gyeom doesn’t care and wouldn’t even bat an eye if she fell over. The fact he continues sipping his orange juice is telling unto itself.

When Do-Gyeom wanders off, Song-Yi tries to follow but she heads straight into a section of the forest with warning signs regarding venomous snakes. As screams pierce the air, Ji-Kang and Do-Gyeom rush off to try and find Song-Yi.

It’s Do-Gyeom who finds her but she’s actually okay. In fact, Song-Yi’s scream wasn’t one of fear but of shock. She found a cute squirrel just sitting on a log. After this incident (and a flashback where the pair promise to protect one another forever) Do-Gyeom allows Song-Yi to sleep on his shoulder. When she awakens, Song-Yi even guilt-trips him into massaging her shoulders. When Song-Yi turns around, the pair start kissing. Only, Do-Gyeom receives a call from Ru-Ri.

Ru-Ri, as we’ve seen across this episode, is frantically trying to get in touch with Do-Gyeom. As she rings, Do-Gyeom refuses to answer it in front of her. When Song-Yi bolts out the door, Do-Gyeom follows and remains dead-set on trying to find her.

Song-Yi though is with Ji-Kang. He admits he’s being nice to her for a reason. When Do-Gyeom shows up with his umbrella, Song-Yi eventually turns and walks away. However, there’s no denying that Do-Gyeom is getting jealous of the pair spending time together.

After the evening’s series of games, Ji-Kang speaks to Song-Yi in private and asks if he can turn her couple’s trip into a break up. Well, Do-Gyeom shows up and holds her hand, taking her aside.

There, the wo hash out their problems. Ru-Ri is apparently just a friend but Song-Yi believes there’s more going on. Do-Gyeom is clearly conflicted but tells her he hopes she finds a nice guy. He’s ready to let go and claims he’s okay with her seeing other people.

The Episode Review

Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Now, I know we’re not getting the full picture here but Do-Gyeom’s silence and inability to actually open up about how he feels regarding Song-Yi is partly why these guys are in this mess. Why is he getting jealous of Song-Yi and Ji-Kang together? Why did the pair break-up originally? Who is Ru-Ri?

With only four episodes to chew through, Check Out The Event has been a pretty enjoyable watch. The editing and vibrant cinematography from the first chapter is now gone though, instead replaced with a more formulaic love triangle of sorts. While there’s nothing wrong with that, the show hasn’t quite got the balance right and tonally, it does feel a bit like a mishmash of different ideas.

Still, Check Out The Event is a decent enough show and the ending leaves the door wide open for next week’s follow-up.

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