Champion – Season 1 Episode 3 “Better Off On My Own” Recap & Review

Better Off On My Own

Episode 3 of Champion begins with Vita moving in with Tayo and her girlfriend, Yemi. Mark releases her song and she is shocked while Honey is furious. He explains that he only leaked the audio as Vita should be credited. She even gets an offer from a huge label and she is excited.

At home, Bosco sulks and Beres shows up with his tough love. He points out that they need Vita to write the new single so they can create their own label. They are champions and Bosco needs to stop with the self-pity.

Vita tries to tell Memet the good news but he dumps her as he is upset by the leaked audio. Vita tries to talk about it to Tayo but she is busy with Yemi. At that moment, Honey barges in to confront her and when Vita is distracted, she steals her songbook.

At the restaurant, Beres shows up and flirts with Aria. She doesn’t stop him and when she says Lennox proposed, he wistfully tells her that she is a Champion.

The tour is almost sold out. Bosco has a panic attack and the single recording is a disaster as he cannot come up with the lyrics. He throws a tantrum which the groupies record and he kicks everyone out. 

With Tayo not being there for her, Vita moves in with Beres. He is impressed with her single but tries to patch her and Bosco up. He tempts her with the fact that she will get credited for the new songs she writes for Bosco. She seems to be willing but worries that Bosco is not ready for the tour.

Honey shows up at the studio and hints that Bosco should steal a song from Vita. He feels guilty initially but gives in when they start vibing to one of Vita’s unheard songs. Meanwhile, Lennox asks about the proposal and Aria says it is not the right time. He wonders if it is because of Beres but she brushes it off.

Vita can’t find her songbook but she doesn’t think much of it as she shows up at the club where Bosco and Honey are set to perform. Outside all the teens are dancing to Vita’s song. Thrilled, Vita tells Beres that she will sign with a label and also write for Bosco. However, she is shocked when she hears Honey and Bosco perform her song. She finds her songbook backstage and also runs into Memet hooking up with a groupie.

She is furious as they only broke up a week ago. She tells Laurent that she is inspired and pens a song. Bosco’s label rep, Phil tells Honey that they want her for a girl band and Bosco looks upset as she is supposed to tour with him. 

The next day, Chantelle is happy about Bosco’s club performance and he tries to get with her. They kiss but Mark shows up and she tells him to sneak out. He is annoyed but does so. Mark comes home to a glass Bosco left behind. At the end of Champion Episode 3, Vita goes live and performs the song that she wrote on the spot. 

The Episode Review

Well, Beres is not wrong about Bosco’s self-pity. Glad someone said it. But his vision is so warped. He is not even thinking about his kids but more of the Champion legacy. However, that makes him that much more interesting. Similarly, the adult characters all seem to have something going on even Lennox and Aria.

Mark’s tactics make sense such as the Bulla performance and the leaked audio but will he try to mess with her after finding out that her brother is hooking up with his fiancee? 

Vita just keeps going through a rollercoaster from the record label to Honey stealing her song to the song credits to Memet hooking up. When will she get some peace of mind? Time for Bosco to carry the show for once, let poor Vita rest.

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