Champion – Season 1 Episode 1 “Champion versus Champion” Recap & Review

Champion versus Champion

Episode 1 of Champion begins with a flashback of two kids rapping. Vita outshines her brother Bosco who starts crying. Their parents tell Vita to quiet down so her older brother can have fun. At present, there is a concert but Bosco Champion is missing. He is busy having a panic attack as it is his first stage since he went to prison 2 years ago. He thinks it is over for him but Vita helps him get through it. 

The opening act, Bulla is Bosco’s rival and provokes him. He almost loses it but his kid, Milan and his mother, Aria show up. Bosco’s performance goes well and in between, he decides to give a shoutout to the woman he owes it all to. Vita thinks it is her but it is their mother. While he raps, Vita lip-syncs the lyrics. Their father, Beres is not impressed.

It cuts to Bosco’s 25th birthday but he isn’t doing anything and is late. Aria’s boyfriend Lennox handles it all. Vita is tired of chasing after her brother and her friend, Honey tells her to do what she wants. They sing together and it is revealed that Vita gave up music to ghostwrite for Bosco and be his assistant.

Milan shows up with her mother, Chantelle and Bosco is happy. However, he hits on Chantelle while her fiance, Mark is outside. Elsewhere, it is shown that Vita and Memet (Bosco’s best friend) are secretly dating. Bosco sulks as Beres arrives 3 hours late. The party finally picks up but the cops show up with a noise complaint. They get aggressive and touch Aria. Bosco gets upset and lunges at them before he is restrained.

They use this as an excuse to arrest him for assault while everyone is furious as they record the incident. Vita does her best to help but Bosco’s manager, Dawn isn’t interested. Vita decides to leak the video and there is an uproar on social media. Finally, Bosco is freed.

Having handled the incident well, Vita offers to be his manager since Aria anyway asks her to look after Bosco. Bosco laughs it off but when he realises that Vita is serious, he says he will think it over. This gives her false hope and she is upset when he doesn’t fire Dawn. At that moment, Honey calls Vita to Bulla’s studio.

By chatting up Bulla, she has got them a spot on his next track. Vita is unsure but once they start singing, she outshines Honey who loses her confidence. Mark, who is Bulla’s manager and the producers take out Honey from the track. Angry, she storms off but before Vita can go after her, Mark tells her that she has potential.

Meanwhile, Bosco’s label is ready to do a tour but wants a single and music video about his prison experience titled ‘Locked Up’ but he is uncomfortable. Beres simply lectures him and tells him to get Vita back for the song.

Bosco and Vita almost patch up but he finds it ridiculous that she wants to sing. He gets upset when he learns that she is singing with Bulla. At the end of Champion Episode 1, Vita points out that she is always in his shadow, conceding to him, but no more. It is Champion vs Champion now.

The Episode Review

Champion episode 1 starts off strong, right from the first minute it sets the stage for what to expect in this turbulent family. Everyone knows there are bound to be conflicts in the family business. Vita sure seems to be bearing most of the brunt with even her mother expecting her to be her older brother’s babysitter. 

The other characters all seem intriguing as well and seem to have something going on from Lennox and Memet to Bulla and Honey. The producers and managers all seem shady as well. And if there is anything we’ve learned from other music-based dramas, don’t trust the managers. Wonder how their stories play out in the larger scheme of things. But so far, colour us intrigued. 


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