Chambers – Episode 8 “Heroic Dose” Recap & Review



Chambers returns on the night of the storm, with Penelope in her car wearing a blonde wig. She sees TJ carrying Sasha and goes after them to give her CPR.

Still upset from the home truths last time out, Sasha is about to take the drug but Elliot stops her. On his arm he has the mark of Gar, which is the symbol of sacrifice and dignity. This also happens to be the mantra from last year’s spring equinox party at the Annex. It’s also the same sign Sasha has been seeing everywhere.

At this year’s party, Sasha decides to take the drugs to see if she can finally find out what happened to Becky. While high, in her vision she’s dressed like an Indian doll, in a box. She sees all the other girls dressed up as well. From Elliot’s point of view, we see more of the conversation they had earlier and he tells her that he got given heroin for the first time at last year’s party and woke up with the voices in his head.

Back at the party, someone sends Elliot a drink which appears to be spiked. He suddenly sees Becky instead of Sasha and she tells him she has to die.

Yvonne, who is trying to join the Annex to learn more about it, arrives at the party with the woman who was interviewing her. She asks her about the clinic and tells her it’s not really a clinic with Doctors but rather specialists that help people not to see things as they are.

Yvonne overhears a conversation between Ben and Ruth during the party. Ben wants to see her son but she tells him he is taking drugs again and has given some to Sasha. Yvonne then goes to Sasha’s house to find out just what’s going on. Frank and TJ found a coyote in Sasha’s bed which is leading him to believe that Sasha was telling the truth all along.

In her bag is an extra CD which was probably put in by Marnie when she bumped into her earlier. Yvonne notices the hole in ceiling when she gets there too so they decide to go and look in loft. They find the outline of a crystallized body and a lot of dead mice. It looks like they have been eaten by someone. Suddenly, an old woman crawls towards Yvonne.

In another vision, Sasha goes to Becky’s bathroom. She sees Becky going inside the mirror and Becky takes Sasha inside with her.

From Nancy’s point of view of the party, Marnie shows her true colours and tells Nancy Becky was mediocre and only blossomed because of the Annex. Nancy tells Evan they don’t need to send Elliot away again but unfortunately she finds him high, not knowing he was drugged again and clearly set up. This leads to them taking him away to the Annex Detox Centre.

Back in Sasha’s vision, she is now in the desert and Becky is tied to a rock where a smoke entity goes inside her. She then sees a lot of people with strange masks which she instantly recognizes as the same ones from Becky’s drawings.

Sasha wakes up as Coach Jones prevents her from jumping in fire. He takes her home in his car but she soon realizes he is not going the right direction and sees the same mask from her dream on the back seat. This leads to another vision of Becky who tells her to run. Clearly rattled, Coach Jones tells her they didn’t hurt Becky but gave her a gift. Sasha tries to run away but he catches up with her so she pushes him off a cliff to his death. At the foot of the cliff, Nancy sees the whole thing. As Sasha has more visions, she takes her bandage off her hand to reveal the words ‘kill yourself.’

It’s taken a while but Chambers finally kicks into gear and delivers a really enjoyable and well written episode. Despite a whole load of visions and shifting perspectives, Chambers does a really good job balancing everything with advancing its plot. The series really looks set to kick off now and with two more episodes to go, it’s anyone’s guess quite what all these ominous messages mean for our protagonist.


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