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Natural Drugs

Picking up where we left off from before, we return to Chambers with Frank arriving at the Lefevres to try getting Sasha back. Sasha, however, sends him away, still grappling with the truth about her Mum.

Meanwhile, Yvonne talks to her sister about her baby who was born along with 57 others on the night of the storm. It’s at this point where we find out that the annex came and offered them financial assistance. Ravi also reveals to Sasha he knows she has Becky’s heart, telling her he felt a connection the day they met which prompts her to go to the desert, the place of her dream, where she sees Elliot. She explains to him that she has Becky’s dreams and memories.

While Sasha tries to find answers in the desert, Evan tells Ben that he should send Elliot to rehab again but Ben doesn’t seem too sure about it. Evan then tells him he’s only thinking of Elliot and Sasha which he interjects too, saying she’s very important to the family.

Back in the desert, Sasha and Elliot decide to find out why he attacked Becky. They try to recreate the day and we see that he didn’t attack her but when he found her, she was cutting the tail off a mouse then stabbed him. At this point, Sasha then finds a hole in the wall with many mice’s tails and a drug. This inevitably leads them to the drug dealer who tells her about what she sold Becky and that this hallucinogenic drug supposedly opens your mind.

Sasha thinks she should try that drug to find out why Becky killed herself but Elliot disagrees. He tells her about another natural drug with the same effect called Ayahuasca which he feels is a safer choice to try and walk the same road Becky took.

Nancy finds out from Coach Jones and Ruth that Becky was struggling at school. She was having sessions with Ruth at the annex for Compulsion reduction which upsets Nancy as she didn’t realize Becky was having problems. While Nancy tries to digest her newfound information, TJ goes to see his Indian friend to discuss Sasha. He tells him that there is something bad around her and she needs to be with the people she loves.

Sasha tells Marnie that Becky killed herself and that she took Ayahuasca. Sasha also finds out that Becky told her parents that Elliot should go to rehab and did it to protect him. Before she gets a chance to look into matters further, Sasha is possessed again, only this time the entity pushes Yvonne who nearly get run over.

With more investigative work and most of the episode taken up with various dramas uncovered from the past, Chambers delivers a rather lacklustre and pedestrian episode. The plot feels weak with a real lack of urgency, bogged down by a reliance on the same tropes we’ve seen all season long. Still, given the information we receive in regards to the drug and Becky’s fate, hopefully Chambers can pick up leading into the next episode.


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