Chambers – Episode 6 “With Grace and Gratitude” Recap & Review


Two Souls Trapped In One

As we pass the halfway point of the series, Chambers returns with another flashback, this time depicting Yvonne’s mum walking out of her house to move a car’s front bumper out of the way as an ambulance is about to speed past. It turns out this ambulance is the same one that was carrying Sasha when she had the heart attack all those episodes ago.

In the present, Sasha is cutting the white part of her hand while Frank speaks to the police about Sasha’s car being stolen the night before. Of course, this happens to be a ploy as he had it arranged with Jonny to give it to him to pay off his loan. Frank calls Ben to tell him about the car being stolen but unfortunately for him it turns out he has GPS tracking on all his cars. Frank panics and tells him he will take care of it, visiting the garage where the car is and telling the mechanic he’ll take care of it.

While Frank tries to remain calm, Ben and Ruth discuss the events that occurred the night before. Sasha said something that Becky used to say and this immediately leads Ben to think Becky’s spirit is still around. Ruth says that it could be their grief that’s keeping her there and they leave the conversation where it is for now. Sasha goes back to her old school and tells TJ she wants to transfer back. He tells her he wants her to come to his ceremony.

Nancy comes to see Sasha at her house and asks her how her mum died. She tells her she was hit by a junkie but she continues to probe, quizzing her over why she thought Becky was murdered and if that’s what she felt. While they talk, Ben finds the blanket that Nancy didn’t burn and believes this could be the reason why Becky’s spirit is still lingering around. Elliot then goes to see Ravi to talk about Becky and what happened. Ravi explains that she was disturbed and was trying to figure out the pictures she was drawing. That night she took some special herbs that help suppress memories.

At TJ’s ceremony, Sasha has another vision and Becky takes over once again. She disturbs the ceremony while a scorpion bites TJs friend. Sasha then drives to see her Grandfather who tells her that her Mum used to be an addict.

During their dinner date, Ben tells Nancy he’s not happy she lied about burning the blanket. She explains that she feels that Becky is inside Sasha and he feels the same way. Nancy doesn’t want to let her daughter go but begrudgingly, Ben thinks they need to.

After learning the truth, Sasha confronts Frank about her mum. From here, we find out the reason why she had heart problems was because she was born addicted to drugs because of her Mum. He tells her that one day her Mum left her in a diner and disappeared for months. When she came back to get her baby, she was high so Frank called the police but she didn’t surrender, instead, she ran away. Sasha then realizes he is the reason why she died. Upon learning this news, Sasha asks Yvonne if she can stay the night but Yvonne turns her away. With nowhere else to go, she turns to the Lefevres for help.

As home truths are revealed and more pieces of the puzzle unveiled, Chambers looks set for an interesting few episodes to finish up with. While the pacing is something I’ve mentioned numerous times when discussing this show, I can’t help but feel Chambers could so easily have cut its content in half. With a more tightly written 6 episodes, Chambers could have been a much better paced title but at 10 episodes, there’s just far too much filler here. Still the episode isn’t a bad one and our patience is finally rewarded with some decent little plot revelations.

Quite where the series goes from here is anyone’s guess but for now, there’s enough here to keep your interest through to the next episode.


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