Chambers – Episode 5 “Murder on My Mind” Recap & Review


Ghosts Of Becky’s Past

Keeping up the consistent trend throughout the series, Chambers returns with another flashback to open its episode. This one sees Elliot eating cereal whilst watching a news report on November 10th depicting numerous babies being born. From here, he then has visions of his sister being electrocuted.

Back to present day, we see Sasha visiting Penelope for more answers. She explains that it was her dad who found Becky as he heard the fire alarm but as Sasha deliberates over what she’s heard, she’s suddenly taken over by Becky herself who tells her her dad lied as that fire alarm was always going off. Snapping back to reality, Sasha apologizes before finding lots of wigs in the closet, with a blonde one in particular standing out as the same colour as her hair streak.

Later that night, we see Penelope deleting all her pictures of Becky whilst opening a new folder on her computer housing a video of Sasha taking out the trash.

At the annex, Marnie’s mum speaks to Nancy about how she feels and tells her about a reborn doll which temporarily offers an emotional replacement after the sudden loss of a child. At school, her daughter explains how Penelope was so obsessed with Becky, she was once found in her room dressed exactly like her.

With the words still ringing in her ears, Sasha arrives home and finds Penelope in her room. She tells her she didn’t kill Becky but that her dad lied as she knows that he received a call from the Annex before he called 911 the night she died. She thinks Ben was covering for Elliot and he paid her Dad to not say anything. She also explains that Elliot was a completely different person when he was taking drugs.

While Frank regrets taking Johnny’s loan thanks to the extortionate interest, at a meeting Elliot explains that he hears voices which made him use drugs and how he sometimes wishes everybody around him was dead. Elliot then gets angry because his best friend Ravi didn’t invite him to the party and this sparks a whole load of drama to follow.

Marnie threatens Sasha because of the way she looks at Ravi. Sasha goes to confront Elliot about attacking his sister but he tells her that was weeks before she died. She plays him the same song again but instead of making Elliot remember, Ravi gets angry. He admits he loved her and was there that night and saw her killing herself with the radio.

This drives Elliot to jump on Ravi and start punching him. Sasha then scrambles to stop him, agreeing to drive him home to help cool him off. Elliot then explains to her that the night Becky died, he could feel something was wrong and called his Dad. This is why they paid Penelope’s Dad off because everyone would have thought Elliot killed her and wouldn’t believe that he just felt something had happened.

The episode then ends with an ominous sign of things to come. Whilst talking to Yvonne, her Mum attacks her with a knife, calling her white girl. As her bandage comes off we see part of her skin turning white, right by the scar itself.

Despite a slow start, the episode kicks off into a flurry of drama at the end. There’a a good amount of characterization here too and as more of Becky’s past is revealed, Chambers starts to really come into his own. It’s certainly taken its sweet time to do so but for now, the halfway point looks set to increase the pacing and really start doubling down with its plot.


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