Chambers – Episode 4 “2 For 1” Recap & Review


Becky’s Past

Much like the previous episode, Chambers picks up with a flashback to the time Sasha was in hospital and Frank is told she needs a heart transplant. Upon telling him they found a heart, they reveal it did stop for a second. Despite this, he signs a paper accepting it in the hope of saving his daughter.

Back in the present, Sasha hears noises coming from her bedroom ceiling. While she look into this, Nancy has an appointment at a women’s clinic but lies to Ben about it. While this is going on, Penelope sends Sasha the webcam footage and we see that she has a lot more burn scars than we previously thought.

While we ponder over what we’ve seen, Nancy takes Elliot to his community service. On the way, they stop at a fast food place which is a little unusual, especially given the fact they don’t normally eat meat. She explains she has cravings but brushes this off as a coincidence as they talk about his drug addiction and Becky.

Meanwhile, Sasha arrives at Yvonne’s house and they both watch the footage Penelope sent. Within it, they see Becky dancing in her room the day she died, to the song Sasha heard in the car. The video suddenly stops after flickering out before revealing Sasha herself in the same room dressed like Becky and dancing to the exact same song. Upon seeing this, Sasha is convinced Becky is trying to show her what happened that night. Despite Yvonne’s insistence not to, Sasha decides to go back to the house and recreate the events from that night in a bid to trigger some memories.

Sasha isn’t the only one pursuing a foolhardy idea either, as Frank goes to his old friend, and bail lawyer, Johnny to ask for money to pay for Sasha’s medicine. After initially snubbing the offer, later on in the episode he does accept the loan. Before we can get there though we catch up with Sasha as she arrives at Becky’s house and pretends there’s something wrong with the car to distract Ben.

After slipping past him and entering the house, she puts on the nightgown and starts humming the iconic song, swaying from side to side. After a few fruitless minutes, she goes into the shower where she winds up seeing herself as Becky in the mirror. Transported into a trance-like flashback, we see Becky that night, scared as someone tries to break into the bathroom. It’s here where she has a vision of her scar bleeding and passes out. When she wakes up, she’s in hospital with blonde streaks in her hair.

Nancy finds out at the clinic that she may be pregnant but tells her doctor she hasn’t had sex in months. The doctor tells her she may be experiencing pseudo-pregnancy due to her loss and the trauma she has been going through. Jumping back to Sasha, we see her in her hospital room where she tells Yvonne about what Becky showed her and how there was someone else present that night. Midway through talking she stops, as a blood-stained coyote stands at the foot of her bed, watching her every move. The episode then ends with the nurse who took the blood sample from Sasha bringing it to someone in the car park.

Chambers once again delivers a well written episode, methodically paced and full of intrigue and mystery. While the actual episode continues to drag things out, there’s enough progression here that it isn’t too noticeable this time around. The mystery is really starting to pick up too and you get a feel that the show is reaching a turning point, ready to pull the trigger and double down on its exciting elements. Whether it will or not is another matter but for now, there’s enough here to make the fourth episode one of the better ones in this series.


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