Chambers – Episode 3 “Bad Inside” Recap & Review

The Visions Continue

Picking up where it left off from before, Chambers returns with episode 3 where Frank begins by seeing he’s had numerous missed calls from the hospital emergency room. In what appears to be a flashback, we’re left to draw our own conclusion over what time period this segment arrives from.

In the school toilet, Sasha looks at the picture she found with the wrist and scar. The light flickers and she suddenly sees and hears someone in the toilet next to her. When she investigates further however, there’s no-one there.

Clearly shook up, Sasha decides to talk to Elliot about what she found but he refuses to listen to her. In a bid to try and raise awareness around the school, she also makes memory bracelets to remember Becky by but really it’s a ruse to inspect everyone’s wrist to look for the owner of the scar. In the midst of handing out the bracelets, an angered Elliot confronts Sasha about the car and the two have an argument between classes.

As the bell rings and Sasha heads into class, she’s paired up with Penelope, another old friend of Becky’s who shows her scars on her wrist. With the mystery seemingly solved, Sasha receives more bad news when the coach calls her into the office due to her giving out bracelets on school property. To make matters worse, she also signed Becky’s name on a test paper instead of her own.

While deliberating over her actions, Elliot and Sasha talk about Penelope. He explains that she wasn’t friends with Becky but acted like her shadow, stalking her every move and wanting to be inside her skin. While showing Elliot Becky’s sketchbook, the music inside the car raises to ear-splitting levels so Sasha screams at the boy to turn the music down. Only, it turns out the music wasn’t on and this was yet another sensory illusion she was experiencing. Still shook up over the events in the car, Becky goes to his house and finds the dress she previously ripped has now been fixed.

After a brief conversation with Penelope where the truth between the two becomes apparent, on the way home Sasha sees both Penelope and Marnie going into a shop together. She asks the woman inside where the two girls are but she tells her no one else has come in today. Realizing she’s been duped by another memory, on the way out she notices aura photographs that look similar to the ones she found in Becky’s car. Spotting her gaze, the shopkeeper explains she can read auras and takes one of her. Looking at Sasha’s aura, she asks her if she has a twin and says one word : iinziin.

Later on, Sasha asks her Uncle what that word means to which he replies solemnly that it means ‘bad omen, bad inside’. Concerned by her recent erratic behaviour, Frank takes her to a doctor who tells her her heart is healthy and puts these visions down to anxiety.

Nancy goes running for the first time in 3 months and suddenly sees a fawn running next to her. She rings Ben and explains that it felt like it was Becky running with her. As she drives away, on a ditch we see a dead deer. This feels like a metaphor for what’s going on behind the facade of beauty on the surface.

Back home, Sasha tries to put the events of the day out of her mind whilst making dinner. After chopping some vegetables Sasha descends into a trance-like state and cuts her pet mouse’s tail off. Realizing what she’s done, she runs off to her room where she takes her aura picture out. It shows both her and Becky together but as she tries to investigate further, the picture bursts into flames.

The third episode ultimately serves to expand the mystery further but it also continues to drag on unnecessarily. There is some good material here though and as the visions continue to get more intense, quite where Chambers will go from here is anyone’s guess.


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