Chambers – Episode 2 “Right to Know” Recap & Review


Dueling Hearts

After the dramatic ending to the last episode, we pick up with Sasha doing some research on her computer about visions after the transplant and in particular, donating organs after being electrocuted.

Elliott tells her that her parents are going to be having a releasing ceremony for Becky. The idea itself coming from Ben’s annex foundation he goes to; a new age country club. This ceremony sees you burn all of a dead person’s possessions which in turn, frees their spirit. While the family prepare for this event, Sasha continues to experience vivid nightmares which leads to Frank deciding Sasha working and going to college is too much for her and decides she needs to focus on college instead.

Later on, Sasha has sex with TJ but winds up seeing another boy while deep in the act instead of him. The same boy who was having sex with Becky in the previous episode. She then has a fight with TJ about Dine tribes and not being considered part of it by his Mum. At school, Sasha aces a test in class that she thought was struggling in. After brushing this off, later on in the day she suddenly excels at fencing too, switching to her left hand to fight despite being right-handed. At this point it seems pretty obvious that along with the images, Sasha is inheriting Becky’s knowledge and abilities.

Sasha also meets Ravi at school, the boy from her dreams. It turns out he’s Elliott’s sponsor and best friend, whose going out with a girl called Marnie. With conflicting emotions and feelings swirling around her, she decides to try and find out exactly what happened to Becky. She figures the hidden camera she found in her room may hold the clues she seeks so sets to work in getting hold of this.

At the releasing ceremony, everyone seems a bit over-friendly. Yvonne purposefully spills her drink on Sasha so they have an excuse to go looking for the hidden camera. As Nancy finds her a room to help get her cleaned up, she gives Sasha one of Becky’s old dresses to wear. They discuss the releasing ceremony and Nancy admits she doesn’t want to burn Becky’s possessions. It’s here where Sasha reveals her Mum died when she was 2.

After their conversation, Yvonne tries to access the camera but needs a password to connect to it which unfortunately she doesn’t have. However, she doesn’t get long to ponder this as the ceremony starts and Sasha begins seeing more visions of Becky. One in particular sees her running naked and scared. Nancy and Ben then give Sasha another gift too – Becky’s car. This inevitably angers Elliot but in the car, Sasha finds a sketch book full of strange drawings including weird faces and images that potentially foreshadow upcoming events.

One of these drawings happens to be Becky, standing in the middle of a circle of hooded figures. While she looks on in confusion, Sasha starts to choke and she rips her dress off, struggling for air. While this occurs, the camera shifts to the ceiling where a hole appears with an eye looking down upon her.

As we learn more about the family and the mystery surrounding Becky’s death, Chambers’ slow pace inevitably takes centre stage. It’s here where we finally get a glimpse of how methodically paced this series is and despite some nice plot beats, most of the episode does drag on a little too much. Still, there’s enough here to pique the interest and quite where Chambers will go from here is anyone’s guess.


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