Chainsaw Man – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Taste of A Kiss” Recap & Review

The Taste of A Kiss

Episode 7 of Chainsaw Man begins with Denji transforming into Chainsaw Man and ripping the Eternity Devil to shreds. Power informs the others that Denji might be in danger because he’s losing a lot of blood. Doing so will cause his chainsaws to retract.

Everyone stares at the brutal sight from afar. Himeno recalls a meeting with a fellow Public Safety official as she was burying one of her deceased comrades. They discuss how devils fear Devil Hunters with a crazed mindset as the gentleman explain how devils feed off the fear of their victims. He tells Himeno to look after Hayakawa and departs.

Later that day, Himeno and Hayakawa attend a restaurant and dine on food. Himeno asks Hayakawa if he’d join the private sector with her. She tries persuading Hayakawa to abandon his urge to track down the Gun Devil and kill it. Hayakawa refuses the offer as Himeno smokes. In her mind, Hayakawa discusses her worries about Hayakawa’s pursuit of the Gun Devil.

Himeno knows the Gun Devil has killed hundreds of people and doesn’t want Hayakawa to join its kill count. In the present, Denji continues tearing the Eternity Devil a new one. During his fight, Denji drinks the Eternity Devi’s blood and realizes it can heal him. Himeno’s amazed by Denji’s tenacity and feels he can stop the Gun Devil.

Three days pass. The gang remains trapped on the hotel’s eighteenth floor, and Himeno checks everyone’s condition. Meanwhile, the Eternity Devil grows tired of Denji’s attacks and reveals its heart to him. Denji slashes its heart in half, and they all escape the hotel. Himeno carries Denji because he’s lost a lot of energy. They swipe a chunk of the Gun Devil’s flesh that the Eternity Devil consumed.

Later that day, Himeno and Hayakawa discuss holding a welcome party to celebrate their new division’s assembly. Himeno says it’s worth having one to convince Kobeni and Arai to stay and not quit. They’re upset with themselves for fearing devils and wanting to murder Denji. Hayakawa shows Himeno another flesh sample of the Gun Devil.

He tells Himeno that they must have the party this week since he wants to invite Makima before she attends a work trip. Makima wants to gather reinforcements because many devils seem to be taking a strange liking to Denji’s abilities. Himeno asks Hayakawa numerous questions about Denji and Makima’s mysterious fascination for him.

At the party, everyone delves into the food and drinks. Kobeni arrives late as someone states that Makima will be stopping by later. While staring at a menu, Denji remembers that Himeno promised to kiss him. Himeno tells him she’ll kiss him after she gets drunker. A man informs Denji that he must introduce himself to everyone at the table.

Denji reveals that he’s sixteen years old and adores eating and sleeping. Arai reveals he’s 22, has a contract with the Fox Devil, and enjoys writing Haiku. Denji’s confused as Hayakawa already formed a contract with the Fox Devil. However, Hayakawa explains that the Fox Devil is kind and sets-up contracts with many Devil Hunters. Himeno adds the Fox Devil likes establishing contracts with good-looking people.

Kobeni reveals she’s 20 and enjoys eating tasty food. She can’t disclose her devil’s contract with them. Himeno asks a Devil Hunter named Fushi about his rookie’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, his rookie passed away yesterday. Arai and Kobeni grow concerned as one of the Devil Hunters explain that people die easily because they can’t handle their devils.

Himeno makes a joke about her promise of a kiss to Denji. Another member explains that Himeno kissed everyone except the rookies, and Denji can’t wait to receive a kiss from her. Suddenly, Makima arrives and spooks Denji. Denji denies kissing anyone because he doesn’t want to upset Makima. Himeno teases Denji about it, and he fesses up. Makima asks him about kissing, as Denji doesn’t want her to see him kiss Himeno.

Denji reverts the discussion and tells Makima he found a Gun Devil piece. Hayakawa notes that more devils with Gun Devil pieces are cropping up and targeting Denji. He asks Makima if she knows something about Denji, but she’ll only tell him what she knows if Hayakawa can out-drink her. Himeno jumps into the challenge as they all have a drink off.

One of the devil hunters is stunned by Power’s ability to suppress her violent tendencies. Power argues it’s because she has a high IQ. The member asks her what Power her IQ has, and the discussion turns into the banter of lies and truth. Himeno turns toward Denji’s way, and the two make out. However, Denji realizes he’s not tasting her tongue but her throwing up. Everyone laughs.

In a flashback, a young Denji scavenging for food with Pochita and notices a gang of rats eating someone’s vomit. He laughs at them as we transition into the present with him in the restroom throwing up. Arai assists Denji with his issue and tells him he used to help his mother when she’d arrive drunk after work. Arai’s envious of Denji’s phenomenal Devil Hunter prowess as he’s upset that his first kiss tasted like barf.

The party concludes, and Makima questions Denji’s whereabouts. Someone informs her that Himeno took him somewhere. Denji awakens at night, asking for some water. Himeno gets on top of him and gives him a beer via her mouth. Himeno asks Denji why he’s so infatuated with Makima since he can do better than her. Himeno knows that he and Hayakawa fawn over her a lot, annoying her.

Himeno lies next to Denji and whispers something into his ear. The episode concludes with Himeno asking Denji to have intercourse with her.

The Episode Review

This chapter of Chainsaw Man had some fun action and hilarious scenarios worth admiring. From Denji’s endless mayhem to the heartwarming energy established at the welcoming party, there were many decent aspects of this episode.

It also featured some intriguing tidbits about Makima’s status in the Public Safety division worth discussing with fans and friends. Makima’s constant fascination with Denji’s being always left some room to speculate. However, seeing Hayakawa and Himeno discuss Makima’s attachment with Denji will make you wonder what she’s hiding from everyone.

Speaking of Denji, he was the shining star of this week. His fight with the Eternity Devil spawned stellar animation and visuals. Seeing the blood scatter across the screen and Denji resort to animalistic-like attacks left me flabbergasted. It reminded me of Doom Slayer’s bone-snapping maneuvers in Doom, especially the soundtrack that plays over the bout.

It’s one of the series’ greatest spectacles that’s, unfortunately, shorter than previous fights. Although it was great seeing Denji defeat the Eternity Devil, getting to the resolution felt too swift. Furthermore, there’s a lot of chatter that could’ve been backed up by some gruesome scenery. For instance, it would’ve been interesting to receive a flashback visual or two of past Devil Hunter rookies getting murdered.

It would have heightened the intensity of the discussion Kobeni had with one of the hunters. Furthermore, the humor inserted in this chapter carried mixed baggage.

Despite its strange visual humor and rushed boss fight, this episode felt like a solid follow-up to last week’s mind-numbing chapter. Let’s hope the series can introduce some devils that’ll push Denji to his limits and continue building upon Makima’s character.

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