Chainsaw Man: Chapter 164 Release Date, Time & Where To Read

Chainsaw Man Chapter 164

Chainsaw Man Part 2, the Academy Saga, follows a new protagonist, Asa Mitaka. To survive, she makes a deal with Yoru the War Devil, in which she needs to kill Chainsaw Man.

The current arc has been dealing with the Chainsaw Man Church, a group of mostly teenagers who are fans of Chainsaw Man and hunt devils in his name. Asa is not only a member, but also the poster girl for them. She is stronger than ever, sometimes attracting more attention than even Chainsaw Man himself.

While she fights many devils and saves civilians, Denji is doing his best to live a normal life. The public safety devil hunters want him to stay quiet, but the Church wants him to act. So he finds himself again in a situation where people are trying to control his life.

Fans surely want to know what will happen to Denji and Asa. If you’re curious to know when the next chapter will be released, you’re in the right place.

Here is everything you need to know about Chainsaw Man Chapter 164, including the release date, time, and where to read it.

Chainsaw Man: Chapter 164 Release Date

Chainsaw Man Chapter 164 releases on Tuesday 30th April at 3pm (GMT)/ 8am (PT)/ 11am (ET)/8:30pm (IST).

All other chapters are available to read on the above websites, while the anime is also available on Crunchyroll. Chainsaw Man – The Movie: Reze Arc has been announced and will most likely come out on the same platform.

Expect the chapter to be roughly 18-20 pages long. It usually releases weekly, but that can change depending on the situation.

Where Can I Read Chainsaw Man?

You can read Chainsaw Man at a number of different places online. Viz Media is available for those in the US and Canada, while Manga Plus has the rights to air the new chapters. However, it will also be available to read on Shonen Jump.

17 volumes have been released in Japanese. Meanwhile, we have 14 of them available in English. Chapters 154 to 163 haven’t been collected yet.

What Happened In Chapter 163?

While watching TV, Haruka notices every channel only talks about Koma Komagawa, an idol. She apparently had an affair with a baseball player and married him, which caused an uproar. Even Higayashiyama shows relief when a man says the infidelity claims are probably false.

That seems crazy to Haruka, so much so that he feels like it’s all a dream, but nobody there understands him. Then, Asa says that learning Denji is Chainsaw Man also doesn’t feel real. He’s asleep on the bed with her, the Nail Fiend, Fami, and the others.

When Denji wakes up, he asks first what happened with Asa’s arm. However, they don’t get to talk much, as Katana Man suddenly kicks his balls. The hybrid demands he turns into Chainsaw Man and says it’s time for their rematch.

Asa gets angry, as the deal was for them to fight only after they had explained the whole situation. Still, Yoru takes control and also kicks Denji.

What do you hope to see as the arc progresses? What’s been your favorite moment of Chainsaw Man so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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