Cha Cha Real Smooth Ending Explained: Does Andrew learn to live in the moment?

‘Cha Cha Real Smooth’ Plot Synopsis

Written and directed by Cooper Raiff, Cha Cha Real Smooth is a comedy drama about 22-year-old Andrew (Raiff) and his struggle to find purpose after college graduation. Things start to look up when he gets a gig sitting for Lola (Vanessa Burghardt), who is autistic. Andrew soon falls for Lola’s mom Domino (Dakota Johnson), but their relationship is complicated by both their age gap and Domino’s fiancé.

How does Andrew meet Domino and Lola?

Having graduated from university, Andrew is back in his hometown and living with his parents. When he takes his younger brother to a bat mitzvah, he meets 30-something Domino and her autistic teenage daughter, Lola.

Andrew impresses Domino when he’s able to get Lola on the dance floor. In fact, he’s able to get pretty much everyone dancing. His efforts don’t go unnoticed; he’s granted the position of official party starter for all the season’s bar/bat mitzvahs.

Does Domino have a miscarriage?

At another bar mitzvah, Andrew notices Domino’s disappearance. He goes to look for her in the women’s bathroom and finds her in a stall, bleeding heavily.

Andrew finds her clean clothes and drives her and Lola home. He hangs out with Lola and bonds more with the teen while Domino cleans up.

That night, Domino tells Andrew about her fiancé, Joseph, a lawyer who is often working on cases out of town. She also says that what she experienced wasn’t a period–it was a miscarriage. Domino asks Andrew not to tell anyone about what happened.

Then, out of the blue, she kisses him. Feeling like she doesn’t actually want this, Andrew pulls away.

Does Andrew become Lola’s babysitter?

Seeing how Andrew connects with Lola, Domino and Joseph decide to offer Andrew a job as her sitter. Andrew accepts, but the job only brings him dangerously closer to Domino.

Why is Andrew struggling post-graduation?

Andrew wants to save up money to go to Barcelona so he can be with the girl he likes. Soon, however, he finds out that Maya has found someone else.

Working as a party starter and as a cashier at a fast food chain isn’t exactly where he wants to be in his life. And his tendency to drink on the job doesn’t help things.

Things start to look up, however, when Andrew gets a job providing outreach to kids whose parents have ALS.

Do Andrew and Domino fall for each other?

Andrew and Domino see each other at a bar one night. Drunk, Andrew asks Domino why she’s marrying Joseph. Domino says she wants commitment, but Andrew thinks she needs a soulmate.

He then falls and cuts himself, so Domino takes him to her house and cleans him up. She tells him she doesn’t want him to be Lola’s sitter anymore. He should be able to enjoy his 20s. They share a kiss, but Domino ushers him out the back door when Joseph gets home early.

What happens with Andrew’s family?

Andrew, upset with how Domino kicked him out, takes it out on his brother David. He gets drunk at his next bar mitzvah and is rude to Joseph when he arrives with Lola (no Domino). When Lola gets bullied by some kids, Andrew intervenes.

Unfortunately, so do other parents. One of the bullies’ dads fights Andrew. When Andrew’s mom tries to stop him, he slugs her in the face. This causes Andrew’s stepdad, Greg, to step in and punch the man.

Later, the family bonds over Greg’s heroic moment, and Andrew apologizes to his brother. He also realizes that Greg is good for his mom.

Does Domino choose Andrew over Joseph?

That night, Andrew goes to see Domino while Lola and Joseph are still at the party. He tells her he loves her and that she shouldn’t marry Joseph. He wants her to be happy.

Domino says she is happy. Yes, she feels special with Andrew–but that’s because he represents possibility. She tells him he’s 22. He deserves more than what she can give, and he needs to figure out who he is.

Domino wants to marry Joseph. She’s just scared because her first husband left.

Andrew then realizes that–like with his mother and Greg–Joseph is who will help Domino the most.

As Andrew is leaving, Joseph catches him. Andrew apologizes, but Joseph is kind. He thanks him for taking care of Lola, and of his family. Andrew cries in his car on the way home.

What does Andrew do with his life?

Andrew moves on with his life. He enjoys his new job working with kids. He decided against going to Barcelona to be with Maya. He’s going to move out of his mom’s house, but he won’t go too far.

How does ‘Cha Cha Real Smooth’ End?

Andrew and Domino get to have one last conversation as they wait in the carpool line to pick up David and Lola from school. Domino admits that she has a hard time accepting that her whole life will be defined by Lola and Joseph. But Andrew, she says, just has Andrew. He can take the time to just figure things out. 

Andrew tells her that he still thinks he’s one of her soulmates. But he also thinks that Joseph is one. They say goodbye.

Six months later, Domino and Joseph get married. Meanwhile, Andrew is partying. He’s enjoying his 20s, just as Domino instructed him to.



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