Celebrity – K-drama Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

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Episode 12 of Celebrity begins this finale with a woman walking into a hair salon and getting her hair fixed. She then heads to church and we learn her name is Eun-Chae. Her fellow congregation members ask where she has been and she answers that she has just returned from a trip.

Who is Bbbfamous?

They head out for lunch and Eun-Chae listens to them gossip about Seo A-Ri. Since Eun-Chae has been out of the country, she has no clue what has been going on. Her friends quickly fill her in.

Night rolls by and we see Eun-Chae taking a cab home and bragging to the driver about her huge mansion. The driver drops her off there and we expect to see her head into her mansion… but instead she walks to a house set to be demolished.

The house is in a sad state, filled with cockroaches, rodents and dirty papers. The only thing valuable in the house is a laptop. The woman opens her phone and starts listening to a conversation she recorded during lunch with her friends. It turns out that she is Bbbfamous and has been using her job at the spa to listen to the Gabin Society gossiping every time they visited. She is obsessed with them and celebrates that Seo A-Ri is dead.

Elsewhere, news reporters wait outside the police station with bated breath. They want an update on whether the woman they arrested last night was Seo A-Ri. Meanwhile, Detective Jang Hyun-Soo updates his boss that the woman is Jeong-Sun who was being helped by Du-Seong. Their plan was to get people talking about what Tae-Jeon.

Du-Seong turned himself in and admits that he wanted revenge for his sister and is glad their plan worked. This was all Seo A-Ri’s plan to get justice. Detective Jang Hyun-Soo is more curious about the fate of Seo A-Ri. Du-Seong and Jeong-Sun claim they don’t know if Seo A-Ri is alive because the police never found her body. They only wish that she is safe and can see that they are fulfilling her wish. They reveal that Seo A-Ri had one last wish.

What happens to the Gabin Society?

Min-Hye and her husband try to sneak out of the country after the arrest of Du-Seong, Jeong-Sun and Min-Chan. However, Yu-Rang snitches on them because she felt betrayed by Min-Hye for posting about her husband’s clinic. Even in her downfall, all  Min-Hye cared about were her luxurious bags. This hurts Yu-Rang more and she realizes they were never true friends.

Ji-Na reveals to her followers that she has been selling knockoffs and apologizes. Chae-Hee is arrested and charged with partaking in illicit narcotics. Angela is abandoned by her husband after he finds out that she has been selling her body.

What happens to Tae-Jeon?

Tae-Jeon is a man with a big ego and believed that he will get away even after Min-Chan’s confession. His legal team wants to argue that he only transported a critical patient to the hospital, and they want to pin everything on Min-Chan. Tae-Jeon is covering his bases and attempts to silence An Jae-Hun.

The media and the public call for an investigation to be done into Tae-Jeon and Bbbfamous. The police bring in Tae-Jeon for questioning and he is adamant that he’s innocent. At the time of the interrogation, the police have nothing to charge him on.

This soon changes after Yong-Tae is brought in front of the prosecutor and charged with the attempted murder of Jun-Kyung. An Jae-Hun shows up as Yong-Tae’s lawyer and has him accept all charges against him. He points out that the real mastermind was Tae-Jeon.

Tae-Jeon is shocked when Jun-Kyung meets with him at the police station and informs him that he got An Jae-Hun to switch teams. Jun-Kyung was able to find evidence that Tae-Jeon was behind his accident. At first, Tae-Jeon is in denial but his new reality starts to sink in. He is heading to jail whether he likes it or not.

Is Seo A-Ri alive?

Yes, Seo A-Ri went into hiding after being declared dead and started strategizing how to get revenge and justice. She worked with Du-Seong and Jeong-Sun to make the live stream happen and reveal all the secrets the Gabin Society and their husbands have been hiding. She also worked on revealing the identity of Bbbfamous.

How does it end for Bbbfamous?

As the heat gets turned up on everyone involved in the scandal, Eun-Chae starts losing her grip on reality. She has been lying to her co-workers about her name and background. She claims to be from a rich family and only working to get experience. However, one of her coworkers doesn’t believe this.

Later, a top VIP claiming to be a friend of Si-Hyeon’s visits the spa and requests to be served by Eun-Chae. The client turns out to be Seo A-Ri herself, who confronts Eun-Chae for everything she did. Initially Eun-Chae is surprised, and unable to say anything. Seo A-Ri tells her that she will face the same fate of being hated by the public and demands answers. Eun-Chae rushes out the room as Seo A-Ri and Si-Hyeon follow her.

Eun-chae tries to get her things in the employees’ changing room. She is cornered so she decides to crash the window and jump. She tells Seo A-Ri that she was pissed by all the bragging and senseless spending of influencers. She felt that it was unfair that they had so much money to throw away. After this, she attempts to commit suicide but survives. Si-Hyeon says that after she recovers she will be charged for her crimes.

As the police dig into Eun-Chae’s background, they learn that she was getting therapy for depression. Seo A-Ri believes that it’s that the only thing that mattered in Eun-Chae’s life was being Bbbfamous.

What about Seo A-Ri’s Family?

A-Ri’s mom is released from prison and is a bit angry that Du-Seong and Jeong-Sun hid the fact that Seo A-Ri was alive. They also go back to their old house and plan to start new lives. It seems like Jeong-Sun is forgiven and is welcomed back into the fold.

How Does Celebrity End?

It is unclear whether Jun-Kyung and A-Ri are together, but Jun-Kyung rushed to Seo A-Ri’s side after learning she is alive. Seo A-Ri was surprised that he is awake and happily embraces him. He asked her not to disappear and comforts her. All things considered, we can assume that they are still in a relationship.

Even though the public patiently waits for her return, Seo A-Ri refuses to go back to that world. She is ready to leave it all behind because she understands now how quickly public opinion can change.

The series ends with one of the cleaners sent to clean Eun-Chae’s house, where she finds a tablet in the room. He starts going through it and finds Seo A-Ri’s fan account.

The Episode Review

It has been a rollercoaster ride of a season as we tried to find out whether Seo A-Ri is alive or not. Thankfully, we found all of our answers here. We may have a few blanks but nothing major, as the series perfectly finalizes every storyline.

After watching this show, one can’t help but evaluate the way they use social media. Yes, we know that there are trolls and haters. We keep up with influencers but most of us have never thought about the behind-the-scenes lives for these men and women. This show serves as a great reminder of why we need to treat people better online.

Well, that is it! Let us know your favourite moments from Celebrity. The celebrity cameos that excited you or you missed and your overall thoughts on the show in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Celebrity – K-drama Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. I liked the ending more than 1/2 of the season which was too repetitive and slow (and a bit boring). I really hate A-ri and Jun-Kyung’s characters or the way they were portrayed (not really the actors’ faults). The are emotionless. The guy plays it too cool. A-Ri showed little emotions throughout the season, only a bit when she discovers her BFF is an online hater and when Jun-Kyung is in the ER. Other than that their acting is flat. I don’t even know what to think of their couple. It’s ambiguous whether she likes him or not. He likes her definitely but he just expects her to fall for him. Even the secondary actors si-how more charisma than them. Other than that I liked the ending and revelations in the last episodes.
    The ending for me is not ambiguous. I don’t think the cleaner’s identity is important. It’s just to show that there will still be haters and fans. I like that A-Ri decides to stop with her fame. Also btw did they say how A-Ri escaped from the drowning car? I forgot…

  2. Hi Tanya. I think they wanted to end the series with an ambiguous cliff hanger and we don’t know who the guy is or what he is planning to do. That said, the actor playing the role is Lee Jun -ho. If you have time, kindly watch King the land on Netflix. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. What was the cleaning dude thinking
    who grabbed the device which had the fan account, he smirked like something new was to come in confused.

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