Celebrity – K-drama Episode 9 “#truth_wins #spill_the_tea” Recap & Review

#truth_wins #spill_the_tea

Episode 9 of Celebrity picks up where we left off with a strange woman visiting Seo A-Ri at her office late in the night. A-Ri is confused about who the lady is, but it turns out this is Wang Ro-La. Remember her epic feud with Biniimom in episode 1?

In her live stream,  Seo A-Ri narrates how people love to watch the downfall of others online. She starts telling us how rumours led to the downfall of a few influencers.

In the meantime, Chae-Hee is stressed out about Seo A-Ri’s ongoing live stream and is getting high at the Aragon Club. Min-Hye’s showroom is closed after A-Ri revealed a few things about her in the live stream. Min-Hye is overwhelmed and turns to pills as Youtubers continue to report on her downfall.

Myeong-Ho tells her that there is nothing much they can do. Min-Hye worries how much more Seo A-Ri will reveal but Myeong-Ho tells her that Tae-Jeon will make sure they are safe. Tae-Jeon has helped them before and is sure that he will come through again. What did Tae-Jeon do against  Seo A-Ri in favour of Min-Hye?

Speaking of Tae-Jeon, he is frustrated that his team have been unable to locate A-Ri. He wants to put an end to her live stream, but Jae-Hun tells him that things are different from three months ago when they were able to defeat A-Ri. What happened three months ago? Well, Seo A-Ri is about to get to it in her live stream.

We circle back to the night Wang Ro-La visited A-Ri. A-Ri doesn’t entertain her as she gossips about what happened to Biniimom and the Gabin Society. Wang Ro-La tells Seo A-Ri that she is there to lend support and starts quoting some of the things Bbbfamous said to her. Seo A-Ri is taken aback and asks if she is Bbbfamous but it seems Wang Ro-La has no idea who that is. How does she know what was said in the chat between Seo A-Ri and Bbbfamous?

After Wang Ro-La leaves, Seo A-Ri calls Jeong-Sun and asks her more about Wang Ro-La and Biniimom. Jeong-Sun tells her that the two used to be friends until Biniimom discovered that Wang Ro-La was living a fake life. She was only renting the luxurious good and she had no real money.

Biniimom decided to expose Wang Ro-La online and embarrass her. In return, Wang Ro-La posted the chats between her and Biniimom when they were shit-talking the other ladies of the Gabin Society. In the end, the feud led to the downfall of both ladies. As Jeong-Sun tells her all this, Seo A-Ri realizes that she has been doing the same thing. She used the information she got from Bbbfamous to blackmail Yu-ri and Angela.

In the meantime, Chae-Hee is finally seeing her chance to take down Seo A-Ri after forming an alliance with Bbbfamous.  Si-Hyeon is unaware of this and asks Chae-Hee to stay off social media as they deal with the Aragon Club scandal.

On the other hand, Jun-Kyung visits Tae-Jeon and asks him to come clean before people get hurt. As expected, Tae-Jeon takes this as a threat so Jun-Kyung declares war on Tae-Jeon. Tae-Jeon makes his next move and sends Yong-Tae to bribe the man’s sister. Tae-Jeon also ordered them to check if Seo A-Ri was the one who leaked the details.

Min-Hye catches up with Yu-Rang and is surprised that nothing happened to Min-Chan’s clinic. You see, Min-Hye was the one who blew the whistle online about a man dying in the clinic. Yu-Rang tells her that Tae-Jeon handled the situation since it was fake news and he is looking for the person who instigated the drama. Min-Hye realizes that her plan backfired and she is in trouble. She calls her husband and asks him to handle it.

As the situation gets tense on social media, A-Ri is unaware as the post was already taken down. However, she seem preoccupied and even her staff notice. A-Ri has no time for drama as Zhang Wei is in town for their collaboration. Zhang Wei visits the factory and asks if the company can handle a million orders.

Gyeong-Bae insists they can and the deal is sealed, even though A-Ri is worried that they can’t handle such heavy production in time for the sale stream. During all this, Jun-Kyung shows up to support Seo A-Ri as they are partners both professionally and romantically.

Jeong-Sun overhears the staff talking about the ongoing rumours but Hyeon-Ok accuses her of being jealous of Seo A-Ri. She asks Jeong-Sun to get a grip on reality and stop using Seo A-Ri’s name on her personal social media account. Jeong-Sun is offended and points out that she has been working hard for the company as well.

Later, Seo A-Ri worries if she has the right to success and Jun-Kyung wonders if she is concerned over the incident. He is surprised that Seo A-Ri didn’t know about the drama unfolding on social media.

The drama online is not only affecting A-Ri but Si-Hyeon too. She decides to ask for a divorce from Tae-Jeon but he refuses. He tells her that she should know her place because he saved her father’s political career. He thinks she is after Jun-Kyung, and reveals he knew all along about her past. Si-Hyeon tells him that she is leaving him because of the decisions he made that led to a man dying.

Si-Hyeon heads back to her office and gets a call from Seo A-Ri. They agree to meet and Si-Hyeon begs Seo A-Ri to stay out of it. She thinks Tae-Jeon should take the blame but Seo A-Ri disagrees. She thinks that they were all involved but Si-Hyeon tells her going public now will only ruin her brand.  This makes Seo A-Ri conflicted about what to do next.

She goes back to her office and catches Jeong-Sun red-handed hosting a sales event for some products she turned down. They get into a fight as Seo A-Ri feels betrayed. Jeong-Sun feels hurt that she can’t benefit from her famous friend. She angrily leaves and asks Seo A-Ri if she is really different from the other influencers she looks down on.

The day of Seo A-Ri and Zhang Wei’s event arrives but Jeong-Sun doesn’t show up. Before the event, Detective Jang Hyun-Soo visits Seo A-Ri to ask about the rumours online. Seo A-Ri is not forthcoming about anything and only promises to drop by the station later. Detective Jang Hyun-Soo leaves and in hindsight, Seo A-Ri regrets her choice that day.

The event proceeds as planned and is a huge success. As the live event goes on, Angela and Ji-Na feel angry that Seo A-Ri is doing well. The products sell out in five minutes and they are forced to end the sale live stream early. The traffic was so high that the site froze for a few minutes causing everyone to be scared they failed.  Their fears were baseless and once again Seo A-Ri proves herself. The team celebrate their win and even Hue Cosmetic secure a proposal from Zhang Wei’s team.

After the event, Seo A-Ri switches off her phone and goes to the police station. She meets with Detective Jang Hyun-Soo and starts spilling everything she knows about the fateful night at the Aragon Club.

The Episode Review

It is not surprising that A-Ri chose to do the right thing in the end. She has always been morally conscious and it would be weird if she did something else. The question now falls on whether is this why she was allegedly killed.

Up to this point, we haven’t seen Jun-Kyung in the recent timeline. Is he dead? Is he the man A-Ri killed? Chae-Hee said that A-Ri killed a man who gave her everything and this sounds so much like Jun-Kyung.

As for Tae-Jeon and Si-Hyeon, I hope they break up. Si-Hyeon deserves better and she doesn’t need to sacrifice her happiness for her father’s political career.  Let us see what happens in the next episode and if she can break free.

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  1. Hi Adriana. Thank you for reading the recaps. I hope you are enjoying the show . Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about the ending.

  2. Firstly of all, what a great sum up. Quick and you get what’s going on in the episode. Secondly, when i saw Wang Ro-La I was kind of scared by her eyes. I am so sure that she is bbbfamous only because she actually has a motive. The more i think about it the more it makes sense that she is bbbfamous. And she kind of gives me the crazy vibe. By the she talks, moves, her eyes, I don’t know but such good acting. I am still on episode 9 so I am only saying what i believe is true.

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