Celebrity – K-drama Episode 7 “#what_a_hotmess #turn_the_tables ” Recap & Review

#what_a_hotmess #turn_the_tables

Episode 7 of Celebrity picks up where we left off in the last episode with the confrontation between Yu-Ri and Seo A-Ri.  Yu-Ri is surprised by Seo A-Ri’s tenacity. Seo A-Ri knows that the confrontation was a reckless move on her part but she did what needed to be done.

As she leaves Yu-Ri’s place, she runs into Park Gyeong-Bae. It turns out Gyeong-Bae used to work for her father and he now runs a small textile factory. He offers to help them and they gladly accept his proposal.

Seo A-Ri reaches out to her former boss. Unfortunately, the company closed down after someone reported them for tax evasion. Seo A-Ri thinks it is her fault and apologizes. She offers to help her former boss sell the remaining products. She is already at rock bottom and figures she is no longer scared to take risks and see whether it pays off.

Her risk does pay off though and this is something Min-Hye failed to see coming. She thought she had ruined Seo A-Ri but the joke was on her. Seo A-Ri rose like a phoenix. Seo A-Ri took her time off social media to reorganize and the ladies from the Gabin society pop out their champagne to celebrate their win. The only one concerned about Seo A-Ri was Si-Hyeon. She had promised Jun-Kyung to help find her.

Jun-Kyung begged her to help him and she understood why he was worried. They get a chance to talk about their past but Si-Hyeon still refuses to tell him why she dumped him out of the blue.

Yu-Rang is worried about her husband. She shares her concerns with Min-Hye and lets slip that Tae-Jeon called her husband. Since then, he has been acting weird. Min-Hye starts putting the missing pieces together.

It turns out that Seo A-Ri was not lying down quietly, she was planning and strategizing using the help of Bbbfamous. Seo A-Ri makes her first move by catching Angela red-handed meeting a client in a hotel room. Angela begs for a chance to save herself and promises to do anything. Seo A-Ri asks for Angela’s invitation to an upcoming Balmain event.

In the meantime, Yu-Rang’s curiosity gets the better of her. She goes through her husband’s bag and finds an NDA regarding the fateful night in the Aragon Club.

Night rolls by and the Balmain event starts. The ladies are surprised that Angela is sick and turned down her invitation. They are gobsmacked when Seo A-Ri shows up looking like a seven-course meal though, with her outfit giving like it is supposed to. They also writhe with jealousy when Seo A-Ri is given a better seat at the event and even ends up catching the attention of a famous model, Choi Bom.

Chae-Hee is so furious and jealous, she nearly gets into an accident while throwing one of her endless tantrums. She tries to vent to Si-Hyeon who asks her to stop her obsession with Seo A-Ri.

Jun-Kyung also attends the event and is relieved to see Seo A-Ri in attendance. Throughout the night, he is unable to take his eyes off her. After the show, Seo A-Ri strikes up a conversation with Choi Bom and they bond over their mutual taste in fashion. Choi Bom likes Seo A-Ri’s fashion so much, she ends up raving about it on her social media page.

This was Seo A-Ri’s plan all along. She studied Choi Bom and her sense of fashion then took inspiration in creating her outfit that day. She had even gone through the trouble of asking Seung-Hyeok to urgently deliver the clothes she needed.

As Choi Bom’s account blows up, Min-Hye and the other ladies lose it once again. They realize that Seo A-Ri won’t go down without a fight. The exposure from Choi Bom’s account helped Seo A-Ri get back into the game. She came back swinging hard and her risk paid off. She teams up with Gyeong-Bae and launches her clothing line. The sales go through the roof and the money starts coming in.

Following the success of her collaboration with her former boss and her clothing line, Seo A-Ri is ready for the big league. She reaches out to Jun-Kyung’s company and proposes a collaboration. Jun-Kyung accepts the proposal as he believes in Seo A-Ri. After that, he asks Seo A-Ri to give him another chance to prove his sincerity.

At this point, Seo A-Ri is already infatuated with Jun-Kyung. The moment Jun-Kyung steals a kiss from her, her walls come crashing down and she gives in – she kisses him back.

In her live stream, Seo A-Ri questions what that choice led to. She also brings up the choices that Tae-Jeon made. We see a frantic Min-Chan trying to resuscitate the man from the club and Tae-Jeon getting a call that things are going off the rails.

The Episode Review

Finally, Jun-Kyung and Seo A-Ri are moving forward in their relationship. It is only fitting because Seo A-Ri has now established herself. She did what she set out to do and is succeeding. She has proven without a doubt that she is a boss and she didn’t need Jun-Kyung’s help. They are now meeting as equals and I am happy for them. Jun-Kyung seems to truly love her but how will this relationship end?

We also have Tae-Jeon and Min-Chan, how will their choices affect them? They have been hiding this big secret and it is starting to unravel. Tae-Jeon has a big ego so he will exert his influence but will it end well?

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