Celebrity – K-drama Episode 6 “#sorrynotsorry #life_is_unfair” Recap & Review

#sorrynotsorry #life_is_unfair

Episode 6 of Celebrity begins with Detective Jang Hyun-Soo talking to his boss. Hyun-Soo wants to look into the drug case that Seo A-Ri mentioned on her live stream. His boss, Kim Tae-Young, is adamantly against it because he is on Tae-Jeon’s payroll. Unfortunately, Detective Jang Hyun-Soo has no proof and no power to go over his boss’ head.

Through a flashback, we go back to that fateful night. The group quickly took the man into an ambulance waiting outside. Seo A-Ri still wanted to call the cops but Si-Hyeon begged her not to and asked her to trust her.

Si-Hyeon then took Chae-Hee home while her husband rushed the man to a secret hospital. He comes back later and tells Si-Hyeon that the man had temporary shock but will be fine. He is more concerned about Seo A-Ri calling the police. He feels she is not at their level and can’t understand the precarious situation.

In truth, Seo A-Ri attempts to call the police then changes her mind. This was the first night her page started taking off and the stakes suddenly got bigger for her. On the other hand, Min-Hye assures her husband that she has a plan to destroy Seo A-Ri. She is also curious why Chae-Hee deleted the photo she posted. In the photo, something seems off and Seo A-Ri is in it too. She asks her husband to ask Yong-Tae what happened.  Yong-Tae lies to him and says that they simply partied and got too drunk.

The next day, Tae-Jeon calls Jun-Kyung and they gatecrash Si-Hyeon’s meeting with Seo A-Ri. Si-Hyeon only wanted to apologise but Tae-Jeon wants the latter to sign an NDA. He arrogantly threatens her but Seo A-Ri refuses to sign the papers and Jun-Kyung takes her side. They leave together but Seo A-Ri tells Jun-Kyung that she is sick of him and doesn’t want to spend time with him.

Jun-Kyung doesn’t take no for an answer and follows her on the way out. He asks her to let him protect her. He is sure that Tae-Jeon will come for her and the other ladies from the Gabin Society. He knows that Seo A-Ri wants to do things differently and is aware that will mean that she will have a target on her back. He is willing to protect her.

Meanwhile, Si-Hyeon gets pissed with her husband and takes Seo A-Ri’s side too. As she leaves, she sees Jun-Kyung and Seo A-Ri standing in close proximity to one another and she seems to hurt. Tae-Jeon also notices that Si-Hyeon seems bothered by Jun-Kyung’s relationship with Seo A-Ri.

A few days later, Jun-Kyung visits Tae-Jeon and warns him not to mess with Seo A-Ri. Jun-Kyung is aware that the man from the party is in a coma. Tae-Jeon has the man receiving treatment at Kim Min-Chan’s plastic surgery clinic. Jun-Kyung wants Tae-Jeon to clean his mess and leave Seo A-Ri out of it.

Concurrently, Min-Chan tries to hide the truth from his wife, Yu-Rang. He bans her from visiting the clinic and Yu-rang begins to wonder why he is acting so strange.

Days go by and Seo A-Ri’s page takes off and her online thrift shop becomes a huge success. The sales keep going up and they all work hard to maintain the business. Seung-Hyeok is also happy with her success. He calls her for a meeting and Seo A-Ri tells him that she wants to start her own brand in addition to the thrift shop. Seung-Hyeok thinks she is working too hard but Seo A-Ri insists she will take her own path. She promises Seung-Hyeok that she will succeed but he warns her to be careful.

As Seo A-Ri gets bigger, Chae-Hee keeps on hating her success. She wants Seo A-Ri gone and is also worried that the truth about the party will come out. Min-Hye offers to take Seo A-Ri out and says that it is only fair she ends Seo A-Ri.

Jeong-Sun and Seo A-Ri head to Dongdaemun market and are surprised that the vendors can’t fulfil their orders. This is part of Min-Hye’s plan, who contacted her old friend, Hwang Yuri, who runs Besta Room to mark Seo A-Ri’s order as exclusive.  This means that Seo A-Ri won’t be able to deliver her customer’s orders and they are ruined. The customers keep calling asking for refunds and slamming them. This sets Seo A-Ri off and she asks Bbbfamous for help to handle Hwang Yu-Ri.

Outside the market, Park Gyeong-Bae hears about what happened and is shocked to learn that the victim is Seo A-Ri. It seems he knows her and cares about her.

Armed with the information from Bbbfamous, Seo A-Ri visits Besta Room ready to battle with Hwang Yu-Ri. They get into it and Yu-Ri admits that she got the idea from Min-Hye. They play a card game and Seo A-Ri wins. She tells Yu-Ri that she has been betting the amounts the latter charges men to sleep with her. Yu-Ri is shocked that Seo A-Ri knows her secret and realizes that Seo A-Ri is not someone she can mess with.

The Episode Review

Don’t you just love a good takedown? Seo A-Ri put up quite an entertaining show when she came for Yu-Ri. Seo A-Ri is the kind of protagonist that one can’t help but root for. She is not some maiden in distress waiting for a prince to save her. She puts on the armour and marches to war with her sword sharpened.

We were also wrong about Jun-Kyung, we thought he was a red flag but he is actually a good guy. He is not the villain we assumed he is and we can’t help but love him for it. Even though Seo A-Ri has turned him down, he still cares for her and is trying to protect her. He is not forcing her to accept him and has no ulterior motives. However, we can’t help but wonder if Seo A-Ri will change her mind and give him a chance. They would make a formidable team.

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